Magic Items Price Caps:
Any items CL max 18

Hot Swapping Magic Items:
It takes a standard action for a character to change out any one item for another. For instance switching a ring for another one.

Meta Magic Rods :
You can only gain the benefit of any one type of meta magic rod, a maximum of three times per day. There is no benefit for a person having more than one of a single type of a rod.

Example 1: Mitchel has two rods of Lesser Meta Magic Quicken. Mitchel can only gain the benefit of quicken from these rods a total of 3 times per day.

Example 2: Q has two rods. A rod of Lesser Meta Magic Quicken and a rod of Normal Meta Magic Quicken. Q can gain the benefit of Meta Magic Quicken six times per day as appropriate for the rods.

Example 3: Waldo Garson has three rods. A rod of Lesser Meta Magic Quicken, a rod of Lesser Meta Magic Persistence, and a rod of Lesser Meta Magic Empower. Garson can gain the benefit of the Meta Magic feats Quicken, Persistence, and Empower each three times per day as appropriate for rods

Staff of the Master : Multiple Staffs & Configuration

Each Staff of Master is keyed to a specific school. To create a Staff of the Master keyed to a specific school simply replace all of the staff’s spells with three new spell, levels 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The Metamagic abilities associate with this staff are inseparable from its current configuration. With the exception changing the school that it is keyed to.

Any one creature can only use the Metamagic abilities of a Staff of the Master for up to 10 charges a day.

Example 1: Vyers has two different Staffs of the Master. On round one Vyvers use the Metamagic ability of the first staff to apply Quicken to a spell. On round two Vyvers uses the first staff to apply Quicken to another spell. On round three he uses the second staff to apply empower a spell. Vyers has use a total of 10 charges to apply Metamagic feats, he can no longer gain the use Staff of the Master to apply Metamagic feats for 24 hours.


Attacks of Opportunity:
Attacks of opportunity (AoO) are limited to an attack. Combat Maneuvers can not be substituted for an attack. If the AoO is done with an attack form that is normally accompanied with a Combat Maneuvers (Grab, Constrict, Snatch, etc), the attack goes off normally but the Combat Maneuver does not.

A character that charges, does not take AoO from creatures that they charge. The charging character still draws AoO normally from any other eligible enemies.

Dazing Spell, Dazing Assault:
Constructs and Undead are not specifically immune to these methods of attack. The are immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless). Therefore, Constructs and Undead are immune to Dazing Assault and (most) Dazing Spells that require a fortitude save.

The following is a list of clarifications relating to the spell Simulacrum and its variants. This list will be updated as needed.

  • The Simulacrum does not have any functional gear (armor, weapons, etc). It can use equipment provided by the caster. Abilities that rely on equipment do not function unless an appropriate replacement is provided.
  • The Simulacrum has a number of feats appropriate for its new HD. The caster chooses which feats that the Simulacrum keeps and which it looses at the time of its creation. The Simulacrum must meet all the prerequisites for its feats. The exception are feats that the original did not need to meet prerequisites.
  • The only way to heal a Simulacrum is described in the spell. This disables fast healing and regeneration.
  • In all cases DR epic will be down graded to DR that is opposite it alignment (this is the strongest DR requiring +5 enchantment to bypass). So if its a good creature with DR 5/epic, that changes to DR 5/evil.
  • Trying to create a Simulacrum of a unique creature will always fail (Tarrasque, a Solar with additional Class Levels, etc).
  • Creatures with that cast spells or have spell-like abilities, have the caster level for these abilities halved along with their HD, rounded down. If the new caster level is to low to reach the minimum required for a spell or spell-like ability, then the Simulacrum can not access that ability.
  • There is a 50% chance that SR, DR, immunities, and energy resistance function at a given time.
  • All other special abilities function appropriately based on the new total HD.

Example 1: Tonto de Nigro uses Simulacrum to create a copy of a Solar. A real Solar, has 22HD, casts spells as a 20th level Cleric, and has spell-like abilities with a Caster Level of 20. A Simulacrum of a Solar has 11HD, casts spells as a 10th level Cleric, and has spell-like abilities CL 10. This Simulacrum has access to the spell-like abilities for which it meets the minimum caster level.


Advanced Players Guide: Maneuvers
The new maneuvers described in the Advanced Players Guide are banned.

Advanced Class Guide: New Base Classes
The new classes described in the Advanced Class Guide are banned. A character can qualify for new feats described in the ACG, if they have relevant abilities from all necessary parent classes and other abilities.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Mysteries:
Items from the Occult Mysteries campaign setting are banned. Specific rules might be allowed on a case by case basis. Rules added from this source will be added to the appropriate Wiki pages.

Sacred Geometry:
Sacred Geometry feats have been explicitly banned.

Banned Deep Magic Spells:
Reading through the spells in the Deep Magic book, most of the spells have been found to be well written, despite a few typos and some unusual verbiage. There is a minority of the spells that are either unsuitable for our campaign or just plain bad. That being said, spells from Deep Magic are approved on a case by case basis. Each spell needs individual approval.

But don’t despair. Feel free to prepare spells from the book and run them by me when you get a chance.

If you are casting a spell from Deep Magic for the first time, have not run it by me,and I do not approve it, you get to immediately re-prepare the spell. This may screw up your plans but you aren’t out an important spell.

Listed below are the banned spells;

  • Ghostly Arrow
  • Ray of the Eclipse


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