Armag’s Tomb

The Tomb of Armag was built unknown ages ago to inter
the bones of Armag, one of the Tiger Lords’ greatest heroes,
and his legendary magic sword Ovinrbaane, a weapon sacred
to the faith of Gorum. Today, this tomb serves as a testing
ground intended to reveal the God of War’s next champion.

In the earliest days of the Tiger Lords’ history, the original
Armag led his people out of the Realm of the Mammoth
Lords and into southeast Numeria. They clashed repeatedly
with other barbarian tribes, eventually pushing through
the Rostland plains to clash against the Iobarian warlords
and centaur tribes of Casmaron. These conf licts hardened
Armag, forging him into a timeless champion who earned
the direct favor of Gorum, the Iron Lord and God of War.

Pride was Armag’s weakness. He boasted he would live
forever—that death herself could never slay him. Pharasma
heard his boasts and was offended. She sent several of her
powerful minions, aeons of the Boneyard, to aid Armag’s
enemies or to lay him low on his greatest battlefield. This
angered Gorum, who had come to enjoy Armag’s audacity
and brutal nature, and as Armag fought against his enemies
on the Material Plane, Pharasma and Gorum engaged in a
battle of wits in the Great Beyond over the ultimate fate of
Armag’s soul. When Armag finally succumbed and died
on the field of battle, laid low by a mighty red dragon,
Gorum intervened and infused Armag’s soul into his
sword Ovinrbaane, preventing his soul from entering the
Boneyard. He then sent visions to a Tiger Lord shaman
named Zorek, inspiring him to construct a fitting tomb
for the Iron Lord’s champion—a tomb that would be
sufficiently protected with traps and guardians to test any
who might come to claim the legendary sword. Gorum
also elevated Zorek into a divine guardian to watch over
the tomb, charging him with slaying the unworthy and
adding their souls to the ranks of those keeping Armag
out of Pharasma’s reach. Pharasma, in her own inscrutable
way, brooded for an eon and then lost interest, and Gorum
moved on to other distractions as well. And so for several
centuries, just as the Tiger Lords themselves became
estranged from their own past, Armag’s legacy dwindled
into obscurity among the minds of man and god. This
history of Armag’s Tomb is obscure. Alternatively,
a PC who uses legend lore in Armag’s Tomb could learn
fragments of this history, depending upon what legends
he seeks.

The walls, floors, and ceilings in Armag’s Tomb are
carved from pale stone heavy with iron ore, a feature
that gives the entire complex streaks of oxidized brown,
not unlike long dead f lesh streaked in dried blood.
Except where otherwise noted, the rooms and corridors
are 12 feet high, and the walls themselves are infused
with ancient magic and the tiniest fraction of Gorum’s
wrath—as a result, the walls resist any attempt at
manipulation via magic (such as passwall, stone shape,
or transmute rock to mud).

Armag’s Tomb

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