Name – The Acadamini

Adjacent Plane – Located in Astral Plane

Size – 3000 × 10ft cubes

Shape – The plane is composed mostly of a large rectangular room that functions as the main grounds. There is a large lake and a temple to Calistria located in the main room. The main room functions as a conservatory, containing edible plants, fruit-bearing trees, wild grasses and ferns, and streams and waterfalls that feed into the lake. Halls of the main room lead to a dining room, kitchen, library, workshop, and dormitories. The plane is 20 feet tall in the Palace of the Sorens, except above the Temple of Calistria and in the Grand Vyers Conservatory where it is 40ft.

Outside the dimension an item encounters windstorm force winds pushing back towards the plane. Between 5 and 10ft outside the dimensions of the plane, an item encounters hurricane force winds. At this range there is a 50% chance per round that the item or creature is transported to a random location on the Astral Plane.

Walls – The walls of the plane are solid wood. Hardness 10, 120 hp per 10ft section. Break DC 40.

Climbing up over the walls leads to nothing. Each room appears to be a self contained dimension unto itself. For instance, a wizard with spider climb could scale the walls and crawl out. This wizard would only see a starry sky and the outside of the kitchen walls. He would not see the other side of the door, the outside of the hallways, or any of the other rooms.

Ceiling – The ceiling in all locations is open sky. The hallways and smaller rooms that they connect to have the occasional chandelier that hover in space, their chains taught though mounted to nothing.

Floor – Worked Stone and Wood for structures. Natural stone for pools. Dirt and grass for grounds.

Prevailing Lighting – Bright Light as Sunlight

Gravity – Normal Gravity

Time – Flowing. Time flows at half the rate it does on the Material plane.

Enhanced Magic – All spells and spell-like abilities function at a +2 caster level.

Bountiful – The demiplane provides enough plant-based food (nuts, grains, fruit, fungi, and pastry fish) to support 70 average mediums sized creatures.

Structure – The structure of the plane is linked to that of the prestigious Acadamae of Korvosa. While this provides the plane with a great degree of detail, the actual plane itself has been modified according to the creator’s specifications.


This plane is the culmination of years of research, planning, and saving on the part of Soren and Vyers Ornelos. These scions of House Ornelos built this plane with the intention of it being their base of operations, workshop, playground, and home away from home. Although the plane is by no means expansive, it does contain a number of features and locations that reflect each of the creators’ desires and personalities. These are divided between the two distinct halves of the plane: The Palace of the Sorens, and the Grand Vyers Conservatory.

The Palace of the Sorens – Main Library: The architecture and ambiance of the Palace of the Sorens is reminiscent of an old Chelish mansion. The floors and walls are crafted from a dark mahogany that has been meticulously polished, and the doors hand-carved from a heavy redwood, imported from the Meirani Forest in northwestern Varisia. The distinct lack of windows is meant to keep occupants free from outside distractions, but the burnished silver chandeliers suspended from the ceiling provide ample light for reading. The halls are lined with numerous painted landscapes, each depicting one of Soren Ornelos’ many triumphs and victories, and dozens of large, full-body mirrors can be found throughout the palace no more than ten feet from each other. Chiseled stone busts of Soren adorn each entryway, and the servants that tend to the palace each bear the face of Soren himself.

The Palace of the Sorens – Dormitories: The Dormitories are used to house the numerous simulacrum created by Soren, the servants that take care of the palace, as well as any important guests that he may be entertaining. The dormitories contain a kitchen, a well-stocked pantry, and a number of rudimentary living quarters. The quarters are small and sparsely furnished; simple beds, plain banners, dressers, desks, chairs, and bookshelves, and although they are cleaned daily, it is clear that most of the servants’ attention is spent on the main hall. The pantry composes a sizable section of the Dormitories, and always contains enough food for a minimum twenty-course meal, should Soren request it, and the kitchen is just large enough to create such meals in a timely fashion.

The Palace of the Sorens – Workshop: The arcane workshop also doubles as a planetarium, and as such, contains a scale model of the sun, and all eleven planets orbiting it suspended in mid-air. Each planet can be increased or decreased in size in order to view it in greater detail, and the sun in the center of the room has the unique option of being replaced with a larger-than-life version of Soren’s head. The workshop itself is rather unassuming, a series of tables and chairs, cabinets and counters, but while it contains no obvious tools, those who use the workshop for experiments find that by opening one of the drawers lining the room, they can find whatever it is they need.

The Palace of the Sorens – Temple of Calistria: This white marble gazebo has been placed on the highest point on the grounds, looking over the main library. The stairs leading up to the gazebo are surrounded by statues of female elves of otherworldly beauty in seductive poses, each wearing flowing yellow silks that do little to hide their lithe and graceful forms. At the top, thin curtains of gold adorn a large canopy bed, obscuring the inside, but allowing anyone inside to see out plainly. The inside is dominated by numerous ever-burning candles, and above the bed suspended from the ceiling is a single perfect wasp’s nest.

The Grand Vyers Conservatory – Central Park: A walkway surrounds the Grand Vyers Conservatory, and a brass railing separates the walkway from the natural display. Every ten to twenty feet a small brass sign displays information about the flora and fauna displayed. The most notable feature of the park is the sheer size to which the local flora has grown. Simple grasses have ballooned to immense proportions, coating the damp soil in a thick layer of verdant green. Wild ferns and bulbous mushrooms dominate the landscape and tower over the shrubs that occasionally sprout beneath them. The continuous sunlight in the area has benefited the dozens of trees as well, causing them to produce seeds so dense that no man could hope to carry them. A massive ivory gate surrounded by fences stands as the sole opening into the lush jungle, and from the entrance, a large swath has been trampled down, providing a path further into the park. Vyers can very frequently be found sleeping deep inside, nestled between groups of wild blueberry bushes.

The Grand Vyers Conservatory – Arboreum: The arboreum in the Grand Vyers Conservatory boasts a number of unusual and exotic specimens. The wispy Silk-Cotton tree, with its roots that can wander for miles in search of water. The stout Limnelwood tree, whose dense bark is considered fireproof and can even be used to deflect incoming spears and arrows. The sweet-scented Azlanti Pine, a tree that can grow to be over a millennia old, and whose sugary sap only becomes more concentrated with age, and the Hurling Oak, which only grows branches on one side of its trunk, weighing it down until cold weather causes the branches to fall off simultaneously and catapult the singular seed at the top of the tree several miles away. Vyers spends most of his time napping underneath the shade of a Pirangi tree, the leaves of which smell of mint and citrus.

The Grand Vyers Conservatory – Silent Meadows: This large, flat meadow has very little in the way of a canopy, allowing the grasses and shrubs stunted in other areas to grow free here. As a result, the earth has been carpeted by a soft layer of brush, and the warm, dry soil underneath supports new plant growth easily. Thanks to a little magic from Soren, a cool breeze blows through these fields, bringing with it the scent of fresh rainfall from other areas in the conservatory. Leaves glide down from the few Willow trees in this area, their branches quietly rustling in the wind. Due to the calming nature of this place, Vyers falls asleep almost instantly when he visits, which he very often does, dreaming of his next meal.

The Grand Vyers Conservatory – Vyers Lake: This massive natural lake is the source of the dozens of bubbling streams and babbling brooks that run through the conservatory. Fed by a single waterfall that runs along the entire length of the lake, the water that gets distributed throughout the other areas is constantly replenished, and the droplets of water in the air caused by the waterfall create a permanent rainbow. The crystal-clear water reflects the ambient lighting, given the entire lake a soft glow, and the reflective water lilies that grow on the surface of the lake help to accentuate the effect further. The lake is inhabited by pastryfish, a peculiar species of fish discovered by Soren and Vyers on a journey through the Dimension of Dreams, possibly due to the number of Vyers’ dreams that contain both pastries and fish. Visitors to the lake can view such rare creatures as freshwater jelly donuts, large-mouth cream-filled eclairs, and the seasonal Chocolate-Spotted Puff Pastry. The lake is Vyers’ primary resting place, where he sinks to the bottom of the lake and subconsciously feeds himself with the pastryfish that gather around him while he sleeps.


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