Orb, Black Swan

A small black swan sits in the center of this Amber orb.


Aura Strong conjuration; CL 21th
Slot none; Price n/a; Weight 6 lbs.

This orb radiates powerful conjuration magic. In spite of your extensive magical knowledge the orb’s true purpose remains a mystery. From your tinkering you have learned the following:

A cleric can use the orb can gain access to the Turn Undead feat. This functions as a 20th level cleric but uses the wielders Charisma score. The orb’s Turn Undead ability only functions against water elementals and creatures of the water subtype. The orb be used any number of times per day.

Within 30 ft, the orb automatically dispels spells that have to do with water (fluid form, water breathing, etc) that are of caster level 15 or below. Water spells that are above 15th caster level are suppressed so long as they are with in 30 ft (as if by anti-magic field).


Orb, Black Swan

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