Alignment NG
Qualities Insular, Strategic Location
Population 186 (76% human, 14% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 5% other)

Notable NPCs

  • Mayor Loy “Tanner” Rezbin (NG male human ranger 3/ expert 2)
  • High Priestess Latricia Evanore (LG female human cleric of Erastil 5)
  • Captain of the Guard Coren Lawry (NG male human fighter 5)

Soon after the founders of Dun Malta laid the groundwork for their kingdom, a ruddy, friendly, and energetic man named Loy Rezbin and his wife Latricia built a village deep in the Narlmarches. They choose to build their town at a ford on the Skunk River where a pair of tatzlwyrms dwelt. They named their town Tatzlford.

Tatzlford is governed by a mayor named Loy “Tanner” Rezbin, a retired ranger, although many suspect (correctly) that a lot of the important decisions are actually made by his longtime companion Latricia Evanore, a priestess of Erastil. Together, they founded Tatzlford with the intent to help build up the PCs’ new nation as it rises in the Stolen Lands. The village has attracted settlers from all around, primarily from Pitax, Mivon, and Rostland. A small wooden fort sits at the heart of the village, but the village has outgrown the defense this walled complex can provide. Construction of a larger stone wall around the village has been started but is not yet complete.

Years later the town was attacked by the forces of Baron Drelev Hannis. The rulers of Dun Malta were visiting Tatzlford and help route the invading forces. Justice was brought to Baron Drelev and finally Tatzlford was annexed by Dun Malta.

Baron Mitchel Von Baker having a flare for naming cities re-christened Tatzlford, Vanderford upon becoming part of his kingdom.

Notable Locations

  • Able’s Inn: Able Morkentian runs this cozy two-story inn. The building only features five rooms, but they’re clean and comfortable.
  • Gnori’s Gems: Gnori Berwekertan is Tatzlford’s only gnome resident. A gifted gemcutter, he’s told no one in town that he’s on the run from a thieves’ guild in distant Tamran.
  • Ironhand Smithy: Kole Jhargee, a mountain of a man, provides for all of Tatzlford’s smithing needs. He and his family are from Brevoy, but he has little in the way of kindness to say about his previous home.
  • River Run Alehouse: Owned by Killough Margrom, proprietor of Tatzlford’s only tavern, this small brewery has already established a reputation for producing fine huckleberry mead and sweet ale.
  • Skunk River Bridge: Built over the ford in the Skunk River where once a pair of tatzlwyrms laired, this wooden bridge is sturdy and safe.
  • Tatzlford General Store: Karl Roschinder owns and runs Tatzlford’s general store. He keeps several chairs on his front porch for locals to gather at, and he often supplies them with free lunches when the mood strikes him.
  • Tatzlford Library: This building houses a sizable collection of important works focusing on history, literature, and mathematics. The library also functions as a school for Tatzlford’s 16 children the teacher and librarian is a forlorn (but still generally quite pleasant and kindly) elven woman named Emraeli Emfaun (CG female elf wizard 5).
  • Tatzlford Lodge: This large wooden temple is devoted to Erastil. Its substantial communal area has seen frequent use for town meetings of late, as the smaller chamber in the town hall can no longer fit enough people. The temple is overseen by Latricia Evanore.
  • Tatzlford Fort/Town Hall: This smallish fort at the heart of town is now used mostly as storage and as a residence for the village’s mayor, Loy Rezbin.
  • Tatzlwyrm Tavern: Primarily serving locally brewed ale and mead, and with a menu that never strays far from venison and fish, the Tatzlwyrm Tavern’s claim to fame is a taxidermied tatzlwyrm that coils above the bar.
  • Thrillseeker’s: The newest business to appear in town, this gaudy structure presents a facade promising games of chance and fun. It also serves as a brothel, however, and thus is at the heart of many local arguments.


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