Nivakta’s Crossing


Nivakta’s Crossing—————————————————————————-
CN Village
Corruption –1; Crime +0; Economy +0; Law –1; Lore +1; Society –2
Qualities Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic Location
Danger +0
Government autocracy
Population 140 (110 humans, 15 gnomes, 10 dwarves, 5 others)

Notable NPCs
Lord Mayor Irven Revanisu (CN male human aristocrat 2)
Sheriff Lorin Kaven (N male human ranger 2)
Abbot Kara Ilarenika (N female human cleric of Pharasma 6)

Base Value 550 gp; Purchase Limit 2,500 gp; Spellcasting 3rd level spells
Minor Items potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of haste, stone salve (1 dose), wand of shield (44 charges);
Medium Items +1 full plate, ring of protection +2, scroll of break enchantment


The North most village in Barony of Varnhold , Nivakta’s Crossing, is an alert town of tradesmen, hunters, fishermen and trappers. The village itself is surrounded by a wooden palisade and is set on the northeastern bank of the Shrike River. A low bridge allows access over the river here to the wilderness to the south – the southwestern side of the bridge being heavily fortified by well-mannered guard towers.

Nivakta’s Crossing

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