WTF is Pathfinder and why do i hate change?
Pathfinder is basically an amazing update to D&d 3.5. You can read all of the changes in the PRD as we go or download the Conversion Guide. You have to create a log in and go to check out but it is free.

Here are some of the major changes…

  • Some HD have increased (Sor, Wis, Rog) and some decreased (undead).
  • Now every class has really cool abilities.
  • Races have changed slightly for the better.
  • Feats are gained every odd level, instead of every third level.
  • Your max rank in any class is your level. You get a +3 bonus to any class skill you put even a single rank in.
  • Each rank in favored class gives you +1 hp +1 skill point. Almost every race can choose their faored class at 1st level.
  • A bunch of skills have been combind. Spot/Listen, Gather Info/Diplomacy, Hide/Move Silent
  • Syngery bonus is gone.
  • All of the special comabt stuff Trip, Bullrush, and even Grapple are now settled using Combat Maneuver Bonus (CMB) and Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD). So they nolonger bring the game to a crashing halt!

Compared to 3.5 the game runs like a greased up deaf guy. ~Eric


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