Vordakai Tomb

Deep in the Tors of Levenies, where the Little Sellen River cascades over a cliff side into a deep mountain tarn, lies a strange island—the grave marker of Vordakai’s Tomb and a surviving complex from a cyclops empire that predated Earthfall. This island protrudes dramatically from the pool, almost like a stony finger pointing into the sky.

Though the island is all but forgotten today, ancient texts (such as the ancient geography book by Carmyn e’Brothasa that the PCs may have found in Varnhold) refer to it as Vordakai’s Island, little suspecting the name refers not to some forgotten explorer but to the cyclops lich that dwells in a tomb carved into the island’s stony heart. Since he was slain eons ago by treacherous kin, Vordakai has slumbered half in and half out of undeath in his tomb, unmoving while he awaited the call of his otherworldly masters, not knowing that a watch had been set by the bitter enemies of his race, the centaurs of Iobaria, to prevent intrusion into his tomb and the subsequent awakening that would surely follow. Even in latter years when the watch of the Nomen tribe faltered and humans from the surrounding lands managed to penetrate the outer precincts of the tomb, its remote location continued to ensure that none broke the wards that kept him in his torpor. Not until the coming of Willas Gundarson from the recently established colony of Varnhold, who stole a treasure from the tomb and set off the tomb’s wards, did Vordakai finally awaken.

The Founders of Dun Malta responded to the sudden disappearance of all the residence of Varnhold. They investigated the disappearance and eventually located Vordakai’s Tomb. In an epic battle the Founders of Dun Malta were able destroy this ancient evil once and for all.

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Vordakai Tomb

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