Vesket Lizardfolk

Vesket Lizardfolk are composed of numerous smaller migratory waring tribes. Most of their time is spent fighting over mates and the best hunting grounds. They have only two permanent settlements and live according to seasonal ritual.

In the spring months these tribes vie for power, subjugating one and other in an effort to consolidate power. The first day of summer is marked by a ritual at the City of the Summer Sun, that crowns the leader of the most powerful tribe as king of the Vesket. The Vesket king then manages all the tribes. These tribes are sent out across the river kingdoms to bring back tribute, loot, and live meat. Fall is spent preparing for winter and burying the dead at the City of the Winter Moon. The Vesket king and his tribe then have the honor of wintering in the sacred burial grounds of City of the Winter Moon.

The cold blooded Vesket are lethargic in the winter months, they become contemplative and peaceful. In the winter months the Lizardfolk are fatigued.

The Vesket Lizardfolk are in almost constant conflict with the Boggard tribes over the Hooktongue Slough. Due to a combination of decaying vegetable matter and hot springs the Slough never completely freezes over in the winter. This makes it a perfect environment for both the Boggard and Lizardflok. Within the confines of the Hooktongue Slough neither race is affected by the cold.

City of the Summer Sun is a temple city and the source of the Vesket’s greatest strength their dinosaur mounts. Few people outside of the Lizardfolk know this. Even amongst those who know, few know how the dinosaurs come to emerge from the main temple.

Relations with Dun Malta

Kaasket is the closest Vesket outpost to Dun Malta. While it is guarded year round, this city is most active when the Lizardfolk are at their least active. This means that interaction with the lizardfolk is thankfully low. Though when they do make their way to Dun Malta it is usually in the form of violent raiding parties.

The last encounter with the Vesket, involved the Founders of Dun Malta rescuing a child during the winter months. This resulted in the massacre of one of the longest ruling and aging Vesket King and his tribe. This has had the unexpected effect of destabilizing the Vesket Lizardfolk making them to busy fighting amongst themselves to seek revenge.

GM Note: The Vesket Lizardfolk are inspired by the Aztec culture.

Vesket Lizardfolk

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