Valley of the Dead

The entrance to this wide valley is marked by a series of posts decorated with bones and skulls every 50 to 60 feet. This is wall of warnings erected by the Nomen that runs for the entire 6-mile opening to the valley. The Nomens call the lands beyond this valley “Olah-Kakanket”, the Valley of the Dead.

Beyond the warning wall of bone totems, the valley doesn’t seem much different than the surrounding foothills. Yet the further one travels toward the mountains, the more a strange feeling of oppression grows; the wind seems oddly muted as it flows through the trees and grass, the birds and insects grow quiet, and the unusually regular crags along the surrounding mountains seem almost to crouch in expectation of the PCs’ approach.

A mile past the bone totems, the first of the gravestones appears. These 6- to 10-foot-tall stone steles are badly weathered—many are partially or wholly collapsed, but each bears strange runes that a DC 25 Linguistics check can identify as being written in Cyclops and listing ancient names. There are thousands of gravestones within the valley of the dead, but the cyclops bodies beneath them have long since decayed into soil—all that remains are fragments of bones.

At the farthest western point in the valley, where the ragged Tors of Levenies rise 300 feet above the surrounding foothills, a crack in the cliff wall allows a 15-foot-wide stone stairway to wind up into the mountains. This path takes a circuitous route, winding back and forth over a length of 8 miles through the tors until finally opening upon area

LANDMARK +1 Layalty

Valley of the Dead

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