Stag Run Cathedral

One of the many groups that have tried to settle the Stolen Lands was a clan of dwarfs that converted to the worship of Erastil shortly after arriving in the area. They are responsible for the construction of the Temple of the Elk, Statue of Erastil, Dwarf Fortress of Bronzemurder, the Lonely Barrow, and Stag Run Cathedral. The also found and inhabited the Abandoned Keep. They were eventually driven out with most of their structures being reused again and again as the Stolen Lands traded hands. Before they were driven out the dwarfs managed to hide their treasures and activate a the defenses around the Stag Run Cathedral. This includes sealing of the cathedral and rerouting a river to hide it. Eventually a malevolent spirit, a Div, took up residence withing it. The creature delights in corrupting the temple and its guardians. This evil creature was eventually slain by the rulers of Dun Malta.

Stag Run Cathedral is carved into a waterfall. At the top of the falls is an island, there rows of stone pews face the falls. In front of the pews is an alter that is flanked on either side by the edge of a water fall that is covered by an arch of stone.

The view at the bottom of the falls is majestic. The lower water reveals that the spikes that crowned the falls are actually the horns of a giant ten point stag carved into the rock. The water flows over either shoulder of the great stag. Its head is lowered slightly with its chest, legs, and hooves emerging from the stone as though it were water. The lower water shows narrow walkways on either side of the bottom of the canyon. Each walk way ends in worked stone archways that lead to long corridor. The two corridors meet after about 50ft at a large archway and closed stone door. The stone door is engraved with a forest motif, in its center is an image of four triangles arranged to form a larger triangle. The center triangle has a heart shaped indent.

The inside of the Cathedral is dominated by a circular central room 100ft across and 120ft high. A beautiful spiral stair case 10ft wide is carved from the living rock, spirals up the side of this room. Thick ornate spindles decorate a simple and wide handrail. Each step is a two feet wide and ten feet long. Ten foot square landings appear at even intervals and lead to the various chambers of the Cathedral.

Stag Run Cathedral

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