The Soot Scale clan inhabit the Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands. Their name comes from their winter time habits. During the colder months they wear padded armor with pockets sewn into the inside. They fill these pockets with small clay earns filled with slow burning coals to stay warm. This practice stains their scales grey year round.

The Soot Scales inhabit a silver mine and all tribe members take part in mining, silver smithing, and trapmaking. Silver and black feathers are symbols of stature amongst the kobolds. They wear silver as jewelry, pierce their scales with silver rings, and even emboss the metal into their scales. These silver adornments are why they only wear armor in the winter, basically only when they absolutely need to. The sootscales have an interesting habit of making all trades and negotiations in silver pieces. Though they are never confused when converting from any denomination to or from silver.

Kobolds that show an aptitude for silver smithing become warriors. They are trained to fight with shields in groups of two or three so that they can defend each other. Multiple groups will then do their best to gain flanking and sneak attack damage.

A kobold that does not show a skill with silver becomes a silver eater. They are the druidic holy men of the clan and gain their names from their pets, rust monsters. Silver Eaters are not able to poses silver because of their pets. As a symbol of the bond with their pets and a way to maintain their stature in the clan they often eat flakes of silver. This is ingesting silver also turns their scales a deep blue. Both silver eater and pet aid the clan better exploit their silver mine.

Silver eaters take levels in druid and make sure to have max ranks in ride. They start with smaller younger versions of the creatures. A silver eater’s prohibition against metal is stronger than that of a normal druid. They may only posses metal for the purpose of eating it or feeding their pets.

Relations with Dun Malta

Initially the SootScales were a clan of opportunistic kobolds founded around the discovery of a particularly rich silver mine.

The founders of Dun Malta initial made contact with the SootScales in the
recovered a statue sacred to the SootScales clan and subsuquently aided in restoring the Chief Sootscale to power in the clan. The clan has signed a peace treaty. The treaty reenforces the clans rights to the silver mine and in return the clan promises to keep from attacking merchants.

Recently the clan has pledged their fealty to the party and Kingdom of Dun Malta. This was tthanks to a combination of the grand impression left by Schmidtaki, the continued diplomatic endeavors of Laura Lebeda, and the impressive development of the Kingdom. The addition of these new vassels has lead to some dismay amongst the dwarven population of Dun Malta but now so much as the Baron’s propensity for shaving his beard.

Years later the Sootscale Clan have become a major contributing community to the well being of the unusually divers kingdom of Dun Malta.

GM Note: The Sootscales are inspired by the Black Foot and Crow Native Americans.


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