Solider Feild

The arena is dedicated to the countless soldiers, of countless countries that have attempted, struggled valiantly, and failed to tame the fierce Stolen Lands. The stadium hosts regular concerts, summoner’s duels, a strange local game called Foot Ball, as well as other more conventional coliseum battles.

Open Duel Thursdays!
One of the most popular events is Open Duel Thursdays, plain and simple, its one on one comabt! The competitors are a mix of amateurs, professional soliders, and wandering adventurers. The fighters are divided by skill into three teirs; copper, silver, and gold. Fighters are allowed to compete in the next tier after four victories.

The fighters compete over a set purse but that is not the only coin that is at stake during these fights. The size of the purse is 250 for the copper teir, 500 for the silver teir, and 1000 for the gold teir. The statium crawls with bookies during these fights. Bets are a simple double or nothing but no bookie is willing to take a bet larger than the fight’s purse.

The rules of the fight are simple:

  • One on one.
  • Combatants can use magic, but only on themselves.
  • Combatants enter combat with no spells active on themselves.
  • Magical gear and equipment is fair play.
  • Combat stops once one person falls unconscious.

Solider Feild

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