Navigating the Uncharted Wilderness

There are many ways to get lost in the Stolen Lands. Following an obvious road, trail, or feature such as a stream or shoreline prevents most from becoming lost, but traveling through the long uncharted and over grown reaches of the stolen land can disorient even the most skilled traveler—especially in conditions of poor visibility.

Navigation Check: If conditions exist that make getting lost a possibility, the character leading the way must succeed on a Survival check or the party risks becoming lost. The difficulty of this check varies based on the terrain, the visibility conditions, and whether or not the character has a map of the area being traveled through. Refer to the table below and use the highest DC that applies.

Terrain Base Survival DC
Desert or plains +15
Forest or Swamps +20
Hill or Mountains +17
Open waters +25
Urban, ruins, or dungeon +10
Circumstance Modifiers DC Increase
Inclement Weather +5
Storm +10
Powerful Storm +20
Lost +5
Explored Hex -15
Traveling at Night DC Increase
Night +6
Low light vision or full moon +4
Low light vision and full moon +2
Darkvision +0

Poor Visibility: Anytime characters cannot see at least 60 feet due to reduced visibility conditions, they might become lost. Characters traveling through fog, snow, or a downpour might easily lose the ability to see any landmarks not in their immediate vicinity. Similarly, characters traveling at night might be at risk, too, depending on the quality of their light sources, the amount of moonlight, and whether they have darkvision or low-light vision.

Effects of Being Lost: If a party becomes lost, it is no longer certain of moving in the direction it intended to travel. Randomly determine the direction in which the party actually travels by secretly rolling 1d4. On a roll of 1 the party moves into the hex they intended. On a roll of 2 and 3 the party moves into the hex to the left or right (respectively). On a roll of 4 the party ends up walking in circles and make no real progress.

Once lost the party should continue on their way but the GM secretly keeps track of where the party really is until they succeed a survival navigation check. Until the party realizes they are lost their survival DC to navigate increase by 5. Furthermore any Knowledge Geography checks to make a map or increase its value are instead subtracted from the map.

Regaining Your Bearings: There are several ways for characters to find their way after becoming lost. First, if the party succeeds a survival check to navigate, they are no longer lost and know their current location. Second, the characters, through random movement, might run into an unmistakable landmark. Third, if conditions suddenly improve—the fog lifts or the blizzard ends—lost characters may attempt the same check again without that modifier.


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