Day Jobs

The Kingmaker adventure path has large periods of down time. During these times, you can attempt a Craft, Perform, or Profession skill check to see how much extra money you earn—this is called a Day Job check. The check will be mad once per month at the end of the income phase of the kingdom building turns.

You cannot take 10 or 20 on a Day Job check. In order to determine how much money you make as a result of a Day Job check, consult the table below.

To make the Day Job check roll d20 + (either Craft, Perform, Profession, or 1/2 of the highest skill) + Leadership Score (if any) + 4 for being well connected as the result of being a ruler.

DC Result Base GP reward
5 1 gp
10 5 gp
15 10 gp
20 20 gp
25 50 gp
30 75 gp
35 100 gp
40 150 gp
45 200 gp
50 250 gp
55 300 gp
60 350 gp
65 400 gp
70 450 gp

Day Jobs

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