Alerts Oppertunities and Threats

Fochlucan Academy:

A magical academy has many unusual needs.

  • Dragonfly Cloak
    A traveling cleric of Erastil named Borzaki has been hired by the Fochlucan Academy to teach seminars on crafting of protective items. He has a specialty of crafting magic items from giant insect parts. He is very interested in special breed of giant dragon fly native to the Hooktongue Slough. A dozen dragonfly wings would provide him the parts he needs for classes on protective cloaks. He promises a special cloak make out of the wings as a reward. [Reward: Cloak of resistance +3 or a Cloak of Fiery Vanishing (Fire and Electricity)]
  • The Sapphire Imp Acting Troupe
    Mitchel Von Baker has been approached group of actors after they performed an opera at the Fochlucan Academy. They worry that their star, singer Asmeranda Ilata, has been kidnapped by none other than King Irovetti, who seems to have become obsessed with her. She’s doubtlessly being held somewhere in his palace. They have pooled their funds and called in favors to put together a reward for her return. [Reward: 15000gp]
  • Slug Spit Catalyst
    Local alchemist Bokken has promised an only slightly dangerous and powerful metal etching acid to a group of dwarven craftsmen. There is only one problem he has run out of the main ingredient, a catalyst distilled from Giant Slug spit. He needs a dozen vials of the Giant Slug spit as soon as possible. [Reward: 12 potions (Spells level 1st through 3rd)]


Your Chancellor has found a number of opportunities for you kingdom to thrive.

  • Chasing The Wind
    Although public opinion is that Jennavieve Kensen is a spoiled princess, no one denies that she’s rich.

Her latest obsession is a story about a herd of wild horses led by a magnificent stallion named Windchaser that’s said to live west of the swamp. She’s promised a sizable reward if someone can bring her one of Windchaser’s herd to add to her stable. She will pay 8000gp for the delivery one of the wild horses from the western Slough alive and well. [Reward: 8000gp]

  • Elk Statue
    This sight sacred to Erastil once contained a hunting lodge and shrine. Now all that remains is a Elk Statue. Building a city here gives the PCs a head start on a Monument, halving the initial cost of building such a structure. Alternatively a Road Side Shrine can be built here at half cost. [Reward: Half cost Monument or Road Side Shrine]
  • Oleg’s Trading Post
    Despite his gruff nature Oleg is really enjoying his post as chancellor. He sees an opportunity for both this new country and for himself. If a city grew around his trading post he would defiantly see an increase in business. It wouldn’t even need to be a shop, it could be a stable, or hell he could retire and it would make a great Watchtower.

The trading post is a versatile structure built to serve as a place of business. If the PCs decide to found a city in this hex, they can incorporate Oleg’s as a half price Shop, Stable, or Watchtower in their city grid (once chosen, the function of Oleg’s within the new city cannot be changed). [Reward: Half price Shop, Stable, Watchtower, or Fort]

  • Sootscale Mines
    Oleg and Chief SootScale have come up with a mutually beneficial proposal. Expanding and improving the SootScale Mine to the benefit of the entire kingdom. Kobolds are treacherous trap building scheming machines, they are also expert miners. Making them part of your kingdom would grant a +1 Economy +1 Loyalty. To gain these bonuses the kingdom must make an alliance with the kobolds, building a road to their mine, upgrading their current holdings to a proper mine, and including their territory into the kingdom. [Reward: Kobold Miners: +1 Economy +1 Loyalty]

Grand Diplomat

Your Grand Diplomat has found a number of opportunities for you kingdom to thrive.

  • Eater of Kings
    The legend of Minognos-Ushad, the “Eater of Kings,” has figured prominently in local barbarian lore for ages. If someone were to slay this ancient wyvern matriarch, the legend would do much for that ruler’s kingdom. Slay Minognos-Ushad and display her head in the capital city would do much to increase the prestige of the kingdom.[Reward: Free monument in capitol city]
  • The Numerian Trade Route
    Corpulent Malchar Tevalkan is an ambitious merchant who has a plan to open trade with Numeria. But first, he needs someone to build a road that connects your kingdom to Numeria. Reward: Kingdom Resource; Numerian Trade Route (+2 Economy)]*
  • Wanted: Kob Moleg
    Following a string of giant attacks on caravans to the West, wanted posters have gone up. Chieftain Kob Moleg has ruled the hill giant tribe known as the Tuskers for many years. Strangely handsome for a hill giant, Kob is indirectly responsible for the majority of his tribe’s destructive acts in the Stolen Lands. Though the bounty on his head is a pittance, killing him or defeating his tribe will make the region safer.[Reward: Kingdom Resource; Giant Management Program (+2 Stability), 1000gp]

Alerts Oppertunities and Threats

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