1A Olegs Trading Post

You see trading post in the distance. As you get closer you notice that it has obviously fallen to disrepair but it is not deserted. This fort made into a trading post was the site from which the founding father’s of Dun Malta valiantly struck out against the forces of the Stag Lord.

Since the defeat of the Stag Lord, the Kingdom of Dun Malta has expanded to include the trading post and making Oleg it’s Chancellor. Now all that remains is to decide what is to become of this historic sight.

The trading post is a versatile structure built to serve as a place of business. If the a city is founded here Oleg’s can be incorperated as a free Shop, Stable, or Watchtower in the city grid (once chosen, the function of Oleg’s within the new city cannot be changed).

There is also Oleg’s Message Board. Oleg is makes sure to keep a copy of important posts, bounties, and messages here.

1A Olegs Trading Post

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