Vordakai's Horde


Throne of Bones: Organized mounds and piles of ancient Cyclopian Ingots
1,140 pi (11,400 gp)
1,300 gi (13,000 gp)
103,00 si (1,030 gp)

Decorating the walls of the Dungeon
Various pieces of ancient Cyclopian art; Mosaics, pottery, ceremonial weapons. (19,500 gp)
24 Ancient Casmaron stone tablets weighing 1,000 lbs (10,000 gp)

On Vordakai’s Person
a rod of lesser metamagic quicken (broken, useable 1/day)
a ring of friend shield (the match to the one found in the village)
a ring of protection +2
a cloak of resistance +1
whispering gloves
a pouch holding three packets of dust of dryness
+1 cold iron magical beast bane flail (originally belonging to Xamathe the centaur)
3 Anchient stone tablets weighting 120 Lbs (Vordakai’s Spell Book) (15,630 gp)
Oculus of Abaddon

Area 28. Dungeon of Souls
The walls of this dome-ceilinged room are filled with stone niches, each bearing a number of strangely shaped glass jars. Each jar is about a foot tall, is stoppered with a clot of black wax, and contains a swirling plume of glowing green smoke—there are dozens of these jars on display, and the swirling light each emits gives this chamber an otherworldly feel. Upon close inspection these jars appear to be biased on more advanced versions of the soul jars that were used by the coven of witches you have defeated.

41 Soul Jars (5,000 gp each) Varnhold Residents
1 Soul Jar (5,000) Maestro Ervil Pendrod (LN male human bard 5)

The souls of the surviving residents of Varnhold. Selling these jars in an inherently evil act. Breaking the jars open frees the souls and reconstitutes their bodies. It also makes the jars worthless.

Tar Pit Wizard
Fishing the body of this undead out of the tar pit was difficult. Cleaning its gear was even harder
+1 Dagger
ring of protection +2
spell book (ruined)


Vordakai’s Spell Book

9th dominate monster, foresight, mage’s disjunction, power word kill, time stop, weird

8th binding, create greater undead, horrid wilting, orb of the void, prying eyes greater, trap the soul

7th control weather, epidemic, limited wish, phantasmal revenge, spell turning, waves of exhaustion

6th acid fog, chain lightning, circle of death, create undead, disintegrate, unwilling shield

5th cloud kill, dominate person, fire snake, summon monster V, teleport, waves of fatigue

4th animate dead, bestow curse, detonate, dimension door, invisibility greater, phantasmal killer,

3rd dispel magic, displacement, fireball, vampire touch, stinking cloud, slow

2nd blindness/deafness, ghoul touch, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, touch of idiocy

1st alarm, charm person, expeditious retreat, grease, mage armor, magic missle, shield

Vordakai's Horde

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