Soul Jar


Soul Jar
Price : 5000 gp Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 15th Aura: strong conjuration Weight: 2 lb.

A soul jar appears as a 1-foot-tall glass jar, often with a thick, black, wax plug. While a soul jar has no ability to capture souls, it can function as the material component for a trap the soul spell (but not as a focus for soul bind). If a soul jar is usedwith trap the soul as a trigger object, the spell can be cast on the soul jar without inscribing the target’s name. This allows the soul jar to capture the soul of the next person to touch it, allowing the jar to be used as a devious trap. The creator of the soul jar and nonliving creatures can manipulate such a soul jar without fear. This variant method does allow the victim a DC 22 Will save to resist the effect.

When a creature is trapped in a soul jar, its body and soul appear as a roiling cloud of glowing white smoke that provides dim light in a 20-foot radius. A creature that touches an occupied soul jar can communicate telepathically with its occupant. Opening a soul jar or smashing it on the ground releases the stored soul and returns it to life—although victims who have spent hundreds of years in a soul jar may well have gone mad. In any event, once a soul jar is used to capture a soul, it can never again be used for this purpose.

Most soul jars are worth 5,000 gp and can thus trap a soul of up to 5 HD. Soul jars can be built to capture more powerful souls, at an increase of 1,000 gp per additional HD.

Prerequisites: CL 15th; Craft Wondrous Item, trap the soul,
Cost to Create: 2500gp, 3 days.


Soul Jar

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