Soap Stone Tabernacle


Soap Stone Tabernacle
Price (Item Level): 3000 gp (3rd)
Body Slot: N/a Caster Level: 1st Aura: Faint; (DC 15) abjuration
Activation: Standard (command) Weight: 250 lb.

Set into the wall is an ornate religious soap stone relief gilded in cold iron. It is draped in tiny chains that end in cold iron bells. There is a basin at the bottom of the relief, useful for holding water for washing things. At the center of it all is a cold iron door embossed with images of swirling butterflies and a dwarf triumphantly holding a rectangle above its head with key hole in its center.

It has three defensive qualities. First the cold iron bells keep nearly all fey from daring to touch this alter to cleanliness. Second it is warded by the audible form of alarm centered on the door of the tabernacle and fairy fire centered five feet in front of the door. Lastly the tabernacle is of a sturdy design. The door is cold iron with hardness 10 and 30 hp, the rest of the tabernacle is made of soap stone with hardness 5 and 80 hp, and it also has a superior lock on the door DC 40).

The Soap Stone Tabernacle was designed by a particularly paranoid, dwarven worshiper of Desna to help him guard his precious soap. The tabernacle can only be properly used by a dwarf with at least 3 ranks in know religion. The spell defenses are activated and deactivated by a dwarf locking the tabernacle. The spell defenses are triggered by any non-dwarf, without the key, who is tampering with the tabernacle. The tabernacle counts as a alter, shrine, and/or permanent fixture dedicated to Desna for the purpose of Consecrate and Hollow spells
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, alarm, fairy fire.

Cost to Create: 1500 gp, 2 day.


Soap Stone Tabernacle

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