Shield of Evil Dead

The unholy remnants of Charon's Herald


Shield from Evil Dead
Slot shield; CL 15th; Weight 15 lbs.; Aura strong transmutation, strong evil

The Herald of Charon was sent to create an unholy portal to the Stolen Lands. In an epic battle a band of heroes defeated the Herald, sealing the portal. As it clasped the Herald was drawn into it and his head was fused to a slab of stone from the portal forming this most wicked aegis.

This +5 determination heavy shield has a oily jet black fiendish head fused to it’s center. The head is constantly and mouthing terrible curses that are just barley audible. This creates an effect identical to the antipaladin ability aura of despair but it only affects non-evil creatures. In the hands of an antipaladin of 8th level or higher, the shield increases the power of the aura of despair by +2. This means the aura can potentially effect the wielder. Whenever the determination ability is activated the shield loudly berates the wielder and commands him to rise from the dead.

The aura of despair can make the shield a mixed blessing for non-evil user, however the forces of good have found a way to get around this. Spending one minute to wash the evil mouth with a combination of holy water and sacred soaps, of at least 1000gp, cleanses the shield. When it has been cleansed in this way, the shield’s mouth froths with the soapy mixture. This negates the aura of despair, grants the wielder the divine health paladin ability. Also, the wielder can use a standard action to strike the back of the shield making the skull forcefully vomit up the mixture of soapy holy water. This effect is similar to cone of cold but deals double damage to evil creatures, outsiders, and characters of evil alignment.

The activation of either the determination or cone of cold cause the aura of despair to reactivate and divine health to deactivate. While the shield always radiates strongly of evil, good characters never risk violating alignment restrictions or angering their deities by wielding the shield.

Charon the Horseman of the Apocalypse can sunder the shield as if it were a normal heavy steel shield.


Shield of Evil Dead

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