Green Ring (Owl Bear Cave)


Ring of Animal Friendship
Price 10,800 gp; Aura faint enchantment and transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot ring; Weight

This ring is fasioned from countless green strands of silvery green metal each no thicker than a hair. Small emeralds encircle the ring set between the strands. It radiates faintly of enchantment and transmutation magics.

A ring of animal friendship always bears some sort of animal-like design in its craftsmanship. On command, this ring affects an animal as if the wearer had cast charm animal (DC 18). An animal that fails its save remains under the affect of the charm animal indefintly or until the ring is used again. Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the charmed person breaks the spell. Only one animal can be under the ring’s affect at a time.


Requirements Forge Ring, charm animal; Cost 5,400 gp


Found on the left hand of an unknown person inside of the Giant Owl Bear’s cave.

Green Ring (Owl Bear Cave)

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