Pitax War Dossier


A case of cheep wine arrives at your keep. It is addressed to Schmidtaki Juicedice. Amongst the two dozen cheep bottles you find one that has a false label carefully glued over its original. This hides a particularly rare and delicious bottle of wine (value 1000gp). The party decides to put it off to the side and sell it later. That is until one of you, sneaks it off and tries to drink it.

There is more, but you nearly miss it. Masterfully hidden in construction of the box itself are hollow boards. Together the lot of you spend the rest of the day carefully dismantling every piece of the box, drinking wine, and reviewing the documents within. Putting the documents together you find they form detailed dossiers.

Grid_Map_1_.png Pitax Generals

Grid_Map_1_.png Amarnic Envoy
Even for Irovetti brokering an alliance with vampires is unusual. Since their arrival, the vampire court has been making less than subtle attempts at seducing and compelling King Irovetti. The King has not only shrugged off their attempts but has skillfully maintained their alliance.
Currently Helana and her entourage of Good Mother are currently expanding their orphanage missionaries as a continued sign of good will between kingdoms. The true purpose of this of course to create more orphan armies.

Grid_Map_1_.png Armies At Pitax
The walls and defense of Pitax are particularly strong. Armies defending Pitax gain a +30 defense bonus (half walls, half structures). Currently the following armies reside in the city;

Grid_Map_1_.png Irovetti’s Palace
Two hundred years ago a wizard obsessed with Planar Movements settled in the then small town of Pitax. He sought a obscure, distant, and above all else secure place to conduct his research.

The palace is warded in many different ways. Most obviously and importantly is its intentionally awkward design. Doors that lead nowhere, odd numbered pillars, rooms and halls at slightly skewed angles. Further more its walls are lead lined with lead pipes enchanted to have water constantly flow through them. Its walls and foundations are made entirely from cold iron reinforced worked stone.

This makes the entire place immune to scrying. Teleporting beyond line of sight is also seriously impeded.

Teleporting from outside the building to its side results in;

  • 01-25% teleport to a random location inside the building
  • 25-75% teleport to a random location within 200ft outside the palace
  • 75-90% teleport to a random location within a mile of the palace
  • 91-100% on target

Teleporting from inside the building to a different location inside results in;

  • 01-25% teleport to a random location within 200ft outside the palace
  • 25-75% teleport to a random room
  • 75-90% fail
  • 91-100% on target

Teleporting from inside to the outside of the building is unimpeded.

Grid_Map_1_.png Pitax Finances
These documents show that Pitax is financially in dire straits. Both the war effort and Irovetti’s personal need for opulence has nearly bankrupted the kingdom. He is dependent on tribute from the normally squabling noble houses of Pitax. Without their personal support he would not be able to sustain the armies.

Grid_Map_1_.png War Crimes
These documents outline several of Irovetti’s least scrupulous actions. They are as follows;

  • This stack of documents start with a report from scouts that tell of the town of Littletown being mascaraed. Every living creature was killed, blood was everywhere but no bodies. Another shows a correspondence between Minognos-Ushad (Eater of Kings) and Irovetti. In it Irovettie offers up Littletown as a feast for Minognos and her followers, in exchange for their service.
  • This stack of documents are numerous unusual reports relating to the Amarnic orphanages that have recently been opened in Pitax. Many are gruesome, others just odd, missing children dominate the documents.
  • This set describes the capture of a murderer. Several years ago, Pitax endured several months of savagery as a serial killer stalked its streets. Although most folks believe that the “Riverfront Ripper” was killed when he accidentally attacked someone deadlier than himself, in fact, Irovetti and his guards captured the killer and gave him a job. Today, this sadistic gargoyle, a murderous maniac named Gedovius, not only gets to live out his torture fantasies comfortably, but he gets room, board, and pets as well.
  • These documents are not particularly suspicious in and of themselves. They are correspondences between Irovetti and each of the Noble Houses of Pitax. They all seem to start and end the same. The beginning of these exchanges usually start with thinly veiled hostility, but once they have a personal meeting with the King their opinion shifts to friendly.

Grid_Map_1_.png Plan of Attack
I hate politics but what must be done…
I propose that we force Irovetti to fight a war on three fronts. Using the information i have supplied you, you will be able to send rabble rousers to sway the minds of the people. Next you will need to send your armies attack Pitax. This will distract the armies and allow you to assault the palace directly without being overwhelmed.

Irovetti’s ability to unite the Houses of Pitax is more than suspicious. I have connections inside these houses and most of them are concerned. I will reach out to the appropriate scions. Pitax is a symbol to these noble houses. When you assault Pitax they will send their own troops to aid the city. Once Irovetti is dead, his hold over rulers of these house will fade. The nobles that will contact will be able to help you take the city.

I will send an agent to get you into the Palace once you mach on Pitax.

Once the city falls, you should take your spoils from the Palace and depart as liberators. This combined with the masses discovering the truth of Irovetti’s Empire, you will be heroes in the eyes of people of Pitax. That is provided you do not overstay your welcome. The kingdom of Pitax is much larger that the City of Pitax. I can see no way for you to keep the city for an prolonged period of time.

Lastly I will expect you to deliver the items we discussed to the Temple of Hanspur in Sandport.



Pitax War Dossier

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