Pitax Battle Intel

Documents gathered from the recent victory over the Armies of Pitax


These three documents were gathered from the recent victory over the Armies of Pitax

Written in Giant. It is date two weeks ago

Commander Porucznik,

I am please to report that the testing of the Dark Wind project has been completed. The prototype performed better than expected however there have been set backs in the production of a full scale model. Due to the volatility of the key reagents and the short shelf life of others we have moved the project to Whiterose Abbey. Its remote location and access to raw materials make it an ideal location to finish construction of such a dangerous weapon.

Your orders are to continue harassing Voracha from the South, this will keep their attention away from the abbey. If you find yourself in need of reinforcements you can call on the Wyvren Flight. Do so sparingly though our alliance with them is tenuous. They will demand the lions share of tribute for any battle they are involved in. I suggest accommodating them.

General Avinash Jurrg

This message has been burn in places, one of the enemies was trying to destroy it when found. Interrogation yields little. He is a simple farmer who was made a slave the vampire at her whim. The note is written in Undercommon. The date had been burned away.

Good Mother Ruth,

The final production of Dark Wind has been delayed. It will be buixxxxxxxxxxloyed from xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It should be completed by the xxxxxxxxxxx The attack will take place the following night at the stroke of midnxxxxxxxxxxxx will be teleported into Voracha. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxme of attack because xxxxxxxxxx wind xxxx play.

The gasses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx resistance. xxxxxxxxx clouds will linger for several xxxx, fortuxxxxxxxxrces are imxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxes to animate armies and stage the city for xxxxxxxxxxxxx

King Castruccio Irovxxxxxxx

Wanted poster written in common. Found on the corpse of one of the enemy corpses.



The High Crown of Pitax has found Ilora Nuski guilty in absentia for numerous counts of treason, murder, smuggling, theft, and kidnapping. Here to in for a bounty of 10,000 gold coins will be paid to any persons who bring her to the justice and the High Court of Pitax.

(on the same page are notes hand scrawled in very poor common)

hemlock island
rush light festival grounds
little town

north pitax river hideout


Pitax Battle Intel

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