Green Ring (Irovetti)


This ring is fashioned from countless green strands of silvery green metal each no thicker than a hair. Fine emerald dust sparkles from between the strands.


After killing Irovetti, his Scepter and Staff are taken back to be examined by Q. These items are held together by tiny slotted latches and slender pins with tabs that run a helical path down their length.

Q begins dismantling them to get a better understanding of their inner working. As he does he draws sketches and notes of how each piece fits together. He makes sure not to do anything to that would damage the items. Before long he is kneeling on a large rug, in every direction parts are laid out in a neat order. The items are comprised of glowing crystals, spinning cogs, small tubs, and tiny plates etched with strange ruins. The ruins never end, one links to the every other in each direction.

The regalia are half way dissembled before Q loses his nerve, “That is it. I am done. If I go any farther I will almost certainly damage something.” He tells you that these items do not radiate magic in the conventional sense. Rather than the magic begin centered and then focused one way or the other, it fluctuates rapidly between different types along different paths. The energies flow down these paths through tubes, cogs, and crystals before eventually ending where they begin.

Furthermore the items are composed of metals he is completely unfamiliar with. Q demonstrates on the partially dismantled staff. In this state a shallow grove runs the length of the staff. Q holds the staff at an angle then sets a marble in the center. The marble rolls up the staff of its own power. Q, “See right along this strip of light blue metal. Time, force seems to flow backwards.”

He is able to identify the affective abilities of these items. Q, "For all their strange and wonderful inner workings, their affects can be achieved through conventional magics. Though their unique composition is a novelty, their market value is driven by what these items can do. They are of modest value considering our resources. ”

He pressed a button and the staff retracts to the size of a rod. Q presses a button again and it returns to the length of a staff, “The Staff, which I have dubbed the Rod of Razors, functions as a +3 Keen Adamantine halberd. Furthermore it’s Transmutative and Conjuration fluctuations make it able to fire of volleys of spinning razors up to five times per day. The firing mechanism similar to that of a long bow. If I were to commission such an it would cost 65000gp. We can expect it to sell for 32500gp.”

Q then gestures to the dismantled rod on the rug. “And this. I call this the Mindbender Baton. Its functions are nearly identically to that of a Rod of Rulership. The interesting part is this.” He taps the slowly spinning metal and crystal rod. “If you bring your ear to it, you can hear it hum serenely. It resonates gently with Enchantment and Transmutative magics. I suspect that careful uses of this item is how Irovetti came to power and brought together such a variety of creatures to heed. It is nearly depleted, perhaps a maximum of 60 minutes of continuous use remains. In its current state it should retail for 11600gp and we can expect 5800gp for it. The real mystery is how such a faint supply of power could accomplish this. I mean only under the most unusual and improbable of circumstances would one of us fall for such a trinket. Commoners yes, guard sure. But gargoyles, lycanthrops, ogre magi, ice wyrms, and vampires not a chance. If I know anything its that, this small bit of green silver and crystal is the business end of this thing and there is no way….”

Q had been gently rapping on different parts of the rod while explaining but he suddently stops talking, stops tapping, and stares intently on the rod. The slender crystal rod keeps spinning, but the fine green silver fibers that are wrapped around it peal off one by one. The silver green strands form a ring that sparkles gently. The last thread peals away and the ring falls off. You are immediately reminded of the other silver green rings in your possession.

Q takes time to examine the ring separately, and it is very similar to the other rings. He tries a number methods to get the ring back onto the rod but none work. He reassembles the rod, minus the ring. It functions perfectly without the ring. The mystery surrounding these rings, deepens.

Green Ring (Irovetti)

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