Commander's Communicator


Commander’s Communicator
Price: 1,500 gp
Body Slot: held Caster Level: 1st Aura: Faint; transmutation
Activation: use Weight: 5 lb.

This one foot long brick shaped object has a thin one foot pole sticking out one end.

When the Commander’s Communicator is held to the head it allows a person to to use the message spell to a range of 110 ft any number of times per day. While this is useful in and of itself, it is most effective when in the hands of the leader of an army.

The ability to send messages quickly around the battlefield is incredibly important. For each Commander’s Communicator that an army possesses, it receive a +1 (Max +5) bonus to changing tactics and strategies

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, message.
Cost to Create: 750 gp, 1 day.


Commander's Communicator

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