A rapier that appears to be grown from silver, green, and rose colored crystal


Aura Strong conjuration, necromancy, transmutation; CL 21th
Slot none; Price n/a; Weight 6 lbs.

Current Sharpness Points 4

This rapier appears to have been grown rather than forged, and the flanges of its elaborate hilt and elegant blade are set with strange stones glistening in shades deeper than emerald and blooming with growths of finest silver. Flowing, elegant letters are etched into the blade and spell out the word “Briar” in sylvan.

When you stand still and hold the blade you can feel the sword pulse gently. You suspect that you might be able to learn more through spellcraft.


A note book has been started, it documents the evolution of the blade know as Briar. Most of the notes have been taken by Aramis.

11/26/19 Morning; A whirlpool at least 150ft across appeared just East of the Candlemere Tower ruins. We battled water elementals and aquatic giants. Afterwards the whirlpool collapsed and an amber sphere appeared. The waters surrounding the tower ruins are now polluted. But as we emerged from the waters, I noticed that the blade shined a peculiar tint of green for a moment. Dipping it in the water again had no effect. ~Aramis de Fortunas

11/26/19 Evening; A group of strange spell casting warriors appeared in town. They first harassed our guards and servants at the castle. Then they moved on to the Fochlucan Academy where they fought with the students and faculty. Two students were killed many others were hurt. They went to the docks where we found them bullying bar maids and seamen at a local bar called Mermaid’s Tale. They were unique and powerful creatures to say the least but we bested them through immense skill. After the battle we surveyed the battle field. I noticed that the blade began to vibrate gently whenever I approached the bodies of the three leaders of this band. I unsheathed Briar and pointed it at each body to find the vibration become more intense. I dipped the blade in the blood of these creatures and the buzzing stopped. The blade is now still. ~Aramis de Fortunas


Kingmaker wizejester

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Sharpness PointsPowers Gained
0+3 Agile Rapier
1 – 3 +3 Agile Cold Iron Rapier
4 – 7 +3 Agile Furious Intelligent (empathy) Cold Iron Rapier, Swift Barkskin (3/day)
8 – 13 +3 Agile Furious Keen Intelligent (speech) Cold Iron Rapier, Blight (3/day)