Bottle Message


Having thoroughly destroyed the wine case, the party goes through the War Dossier and begin drinking wine. Setting aside the one particularly expensive bottle to be sold later. After all 1k is 1k.

The remaining cheep wine is especially terrible. It has robust notes of poorly siphoned gas combine with smokey finish of a tire fire. Somehow it manages to get worse and worse as you drink it. However, the wine does do one thing, get you drunk. Even the dwarves.

One of you, I’m not naming names (cough cough) decides to pop open the expensive bottle. The wine begins to boil away, turning into a grey smoke, that vanishes completely as it leaves the bottle. As this happens the room with the loud sound of wine rapidly being poured.

In its place is a tightly wound scroll. It reads as follows;

I have an important update for you. Clerics have been spotted mulling about the Palace. I sent spies to investigate. They have blessed the entire site with a hallow spell. The effect of invisibility purge has been attached to this blessing.

Second and more importantly they have what is called a Doom Guard. It is a construct crafted from adimantine and glass forged from sands taken from the plane of time. It takes the form of an empty suit of armor. When motionless the Doom Guard takes the appearance of a mundane set of armor or armored statue. Each time the terrible construct is damaged it splits into two. This construct is designed to fight in concert with itself, with each version of itself helping the other. This construct is armed with Scimitar and Shield. It has a mastery of critical attacks that leave its enemies sickened and tired. Furthermore, it is able to perform dazzling displays of martial prowess with its sword. This display intimidates and leaves its opponents vulnerable. This construct is able to see both in the dark and see things as they truly are. Lastly it has no vulnerable spots to speak of.

Still it’s not all bad news. Due to the unstable and powerful nature of this thing, it can not stray far from where it is first activated. Making it a awesome guardian but only a mild threat… Right?


(What does this all mean for you and for game play?
SENSES: darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, True Seeing
DEFENSES: DR 10/ Adimantine, SR 24, immune to criticals
FEATS: WF Scimitar, GWF Scimitar, Shield Wall, Back to Back, Imp Back to Back, Out Flank, Combat Reflexes, Imp Critical Scimitar, Critical Focus, Sickening Critical, Tiring Critical, Critical Mastery, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses, Intimidating Prowess)


Bottle Message

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