Bomb Stick


Bomb Stick
Price : 10000 gp Body Slot: Held
Caster Level: 10th Aura: Moderate Evocation Weight: 4 lb.

Three macabre flaming jack O’ lantern faces are carved up the length of the top of this wooden club. The eyes and mouths of faces flicker with light and shed light as a torch.

Carved into this club are three flaming macabre faces. The wielder of this cursed item chooses to use this weapon in melee above all other weapons. It acts in all ways as a +1 Flaming Club, only one a critical hit or failure does its curse become apparent. From then on the Bomb Stick grants a -1 penalty to attack and damage. Further more the wielder takes half the damage from the club’s flaming quality, whether or not he hits.

Also whenever the wielder scores a critical hit or miss one of the faces breaks unleashing a special fire elemental, called a Bomb. The Bomb immediately attacks the wielder fighting to the death. This medium fire elemental has a fly speed (perfect) equal to its land speed, the Fiery Death, and Explosive Reaction special qualities.

When all three faces are broken the weapon gains the broken quality. At this time a simple remove curse spell removes the curse from the wielder and club. It can then be repaired to make an non cursed +1 Flaming Club that can be used to summon a medium Bomb three times per week for up to 10 rounds.

Prerequisites: CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor and flame blade, flame strike, or fireball and summon monster IV or Summon Nature’s ally IV;
Cost to Create: 5000 gp, 3 days.



A malicious flaming orb hovers in the air. As it notices you and with a macabre grin charges towards you.

Bombs are a lesser know cousin of the Fire elemental. The reason for their rareness is due to their nearly suicidal ferocity combined with their explosive death.
The Bomb template can only be applied to a fire elemental. The fire elemental gains a fly speed of (perfect) equal to its land speed as well as the Fiery Death, and Explosive Reaction special qualities.

Fiery Death (ex):
When reduced to belew 0 hp the Bomb explodes.The explosion is a 10ft radius burst of 1d6 fire per HD of fire elemental. Reflex for half (DC is equal to burn save DC). If the killing blow delivers cold damage the Bomb does not explode.

Example; Medium Fire Elemental (4d6, 10ft radius, Ref 14 for half).

Explosive Reaction (ex):
Any attack that deals damage greater than or equal to the the Bomb’s fort save causes a small explosion. The explosion occurs in a random square adjacent to the Bomb (use splash weapon rules to determine location). All creatures in that square are treated as being hit by the Bomb’s burn attack.

The Bomb can explodes in this way after every attack. If multiple explosions occur in a single square, resolve damage and reflex saves separately.

Cold damage does not trigger this ability.

Example; A Bomb is attacked three times for 1 damage, 8 damage, and 8 damage. Roll 1d8 Twice to determine the squares that are affected by its burn ability.

Bomb Stick

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