Villamor Koth


Notable Strategies

Villamor is not the smartest of combatants but he is resilient and terrible.
His aura of Menace and Feind Totem abilities automatically hurt enemies while his DR allows him to shrug off attacks.
He loves to use his Dazing Assault feat whenever he can.

Notable Abilities

Dazzling Display, Shatter Defense, Power Attack, Furious Focus, Dazing Assault

Rage Powers (Beast Totem 1,2,3, Feind Totem (1,2,3), Increase DR x3)

Notable Items
Hamatula Hide
Vambraces of the Genie
Boots of Haste

Known Languages

Role / Background
Villamor is the embodiment of evil. His temper is beyond legendary. When he rages his blood becomes molten, skin chars, cracks, and sprouts foot long spears of razor sharp obsidian. The wind howls and swirls around him shredding his enemies.

He is the undisputed leader of the various barbarian tribes that call the area their home.


Villamor Koth

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