When Tiressia the Druid (4) and her favorite consort Falchos the Satyr (Ranger 3) first encountered the founders of the Dun Malta, the pair were in dire straights. An evil, intelligent, carnivorous plant called a Scythe Tree. This Scythe Tree particularly relished the taste of dryad flesh and was stalking the pair.

Seeing such a strong band, Tiressia used both her magical abilities and her natural beauty to try and garner their aid. Eventually the founders of the Dun Malta did aid her and killed the evil Scythe Tree.

To repay this benevolent act the pair have made an agreement that will grant the kingdom a +2 to Stability checks. Provided that the Dun Malta does not develop the hex that contains Tiressia’s tree, they will use their abilities to keep leaders of Dun Malta informed about threats in the Narlmarches.



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