Melianse the Nixie


Melianse is a sorcerer (5) nixie. The founders of Dun Malta originally encountered Melianse during an altercation with loggers. The loggers began chopping down here mangroves, so she took two of the loggers hostage with enchantment magics.

The founders were able to diffuse the situation, provide the loggers with an alternative grove to harvest, and replace Melianse’s felled trees. As a result of this show of care and kindness by the founders of Dun Malta they have made an agreement to grant the kingdom a +2 to Stability checks. Provided that the Dun Malta does not develop the hex that contains Melianse’s Mangroves, she will use her knowledge of the rivers to keep leaders of Dun Malta informed about threats in the Narlmarches.


Melianse the Nixie

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