Ilora Nuski

This unassuming woman smiles knowingly.


This elusive underworld figure has been both bane and boon to the Rulers of Dun Malta. They have assigned her terms of endearment such as “the bitch” and “that whore”.

She is enigmatic and mysterious. Alluring and exotic. From all appearances and her own admission she is human though her are pointed like that of an elf. Her plans and motivations are shrouded in mystery but based your encounters you have been able to gather a few important impressions.

The following is a listing of key events from previous encounters with Ilorna recorded by Aramis’ MI5 agents;

Ilorna Safe House 1 Incident.

The rulers of Dun Malta located one of Ilorna’s Safe Houses in the North of Pitax, by following a lead found scrawled on a wanted poster in the possession of a dead Pitax general. They intended to find a notorious smuggler that worked in Pitax to help them better get access to King Irovetti.

The report itself shows that the safe house itself was invisible, unmanned, but not empty. Ilorna was the lone occupant. The party then ambushed the building but she apparently slipped out the back while triggering its defenses. Numerous monsters were released including a hydra, a swarm of mandrake roots, and an undead spirit. Force walls were used to seal building. A large hidden weight was use to force a reservoir of alchemist fire into the facility.

Using magic the party was able to survive the fire and suffocation dangers and escape. Through the walls of force, they were able to talk with Ilorna briefly before she teleported away. She eluded that to having no interest in helping Dun Malta. Specifically stating that she, “I really hate politics.” The transcript goes on, “You cost me a pretty penny today. The hydra, that spirit, and the mandrakes were all to fill orders. Not to mention the cost of building a safe house like this. I doubt you’ll survive, but if you do you owe me serious coin.”

They may have under estimated her.

Ilorna Sandport Incident

Through the use of divination magics Ilorna Nuski was tracked to a town on the Southern tip of Numeria, called Sandport. A sand swept city that primarily serves as a way station for experienced merchants and doomed adventurers.

The divination lead to a woman named Ilorna Nuski, just not the woman they were expecting. When the party arrived she was full of guile and gusto but was quickly over out matched by the party. This relieved a well connected fencing organization in the city. The Ilorna Nuski that the party found, said that she sold her name to the Ilorna Nuski that the party is familiar with. Telling them that she had owed large debts and that she didn’t have a choice. “You don’t want to be in her pocket.”

Hall of the Necrodancer
“So what are you, a dragon?”
“No, just human.”
“But your pointed ears?”
“Everything has a price.”

Sandport delivery

War Dosie

Ilora Nuski

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