General Avinash Jurrg


Ogre Mage Bard 10

Notable Strategies

Casts haste and begins inspire courage, before using his Oni Style (dimensional feats) to attack his enemies.
Once out of Dimensional Door spells, he typically either supports his troops with spells and songs, or use fly-by-attack and whirlwind attacks.

Notable Abilities

Spells CL 10
4th 2/day dimension door, hold monster
3rd 4/day charm monster, dispel magic, See invisibility, haste
2nd 5/day rage,cure moderate, heroism, glitterdust, galant inspiration
1st 7/day Alarm,Charm Person, Cure Light, expeditious retreat, grease, timely inspiration

Spell-like CL 8
Constant; Fly
At Will; Darkness, Invisibility
1/day Charm Monster, Cone of cold, gaseous form, deep slumber

Improved Initiative, Combat Reflexes, Out Flank, Fly By Attack, Dimensional Agility, Dimensional Assault, Dimensional Dervish, Dimensional Savant, Whirlwind Attack

Notable Items
+2 Mithral Breastplate
+2 Keen Greatsword
+1 Comp Bow (Str +1)

Known Languages
Common, Giant

Role / Background
Grand General Avinash Jurrg of the Pitax Army only arrived in Pitax some five years ago. He lead his own clan of ogre before joining King Irovetti. No one knows why he has abandoned his own empire to serve in another. He has even shared his knowledge of his Oni style of fighting, that allows him to teleport and attack in rapid succession.


General Avinash Jurrg

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