Male Gargoyle Rogue 10

Notable Strategies

Gedovius uses his freeze ability to hide while his hounds intimidate his enemies. Then he explodes into battle.

Notable Abilities

Sneak Attack +5d6
Surprise Attack
Slow Reactions
Crippling Strike

Spells Known (CL 10th; concentration +11)
2/day Mage Hand, Quicken True Strike

Intimidating Prowess, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus Intimidate, Outflank, Quicken Spell like, Weapon Focus Claw, Dazzling Display, Shatter Defenses

Freeze (Ex)

Notable Items
Tentacle Cloak

Known Languages
Common, Terran, Infernal

Role / Background
Several years ago, Pitax endured several months of savagery as a serial killer stalked its streets. Although most folks believe that the “Riverfront Ripper” was killed when he accidentally attacked someone deadlier than himself, in fact, Irovetti and his guards captured the killer and gave him a job. Today, this sadistic gargoyle, a murderous maniac named Gedovius, not only gets to live out his torture fantasies comfortably, but he gets room, board, and pets as well.


Gedovius’s Infernal War Hounds

Notable Abilities


Breath Weapon
Dazzling Display

Outflank, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Intimidating Prowess, Weapon Focus (bite), Dazzling Display

Notable Items
+2 chain shirt barding

Known Languages
Understands Infernal


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