Garet Darkhorse


Vampire Anti-Paladin 12

Notable Strategies

Feindish Boon: Typically +2 Keen

Aura of Vengence: In the heat of combat

Touch of Corruption: To heal himself

Channel Negative Energy: To heal his allies.

Black Lightning Strike
Move Action: Feint
Swift Action: Channel Smite (Touch of Corruption: Shaken)
Standard Action: Power Attack (Energy Drain, Aura of Cowardice, Touch of Corruption, Bleeding Critical, Wounding)

Notable Abilities
1: 3/day Litany of Weakness, Litany of Weakness, Litany of Sloth
2: 3/day Darkness, Invisibility, Litany of Entanglement
3: 2/day Deeper Darkness, Dispel Magic

Vampire Abilities

Aura of Cowardice: -4 to saves vs Fear when within 10 ft. Loose immunity to fear.
Aura of Dispair: -2 to all saves when within 10 ft

Smite Good: 4/day, +3 Attack +12 Damage
Aura of Vengence: Costs two uses of Smite Good. All Allies within 10 ft gain smite evil ability as Antipaladin

Touch of Corruption: 10/Day, 6d6 + Cruelty
Cruelty: Fatigued, Shaken (12 rds), Exhausted, Stunned (3 rds)
Channel Negative Energy: Costs two uses of Touch of Corruption

Feindish Boon: 2/day (Standard Action) +3 Bonus.

Power Attack, Furious Focus, Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Channel Smite, Critical Focus, Bleeding Critical

Notable Items
+1 Conductive Wounding Mythral Falchion
Goggles of See Invisibility

Known Languages
Abysall, Infernal, Common Draconic

Role / Background
The Grand General of the Kingdom of Amarnic. Helana the Child Eternal often refers to Garet as “the Dreadnaught” or “The Dragon Slayer”. The later refers to the fact that the is the one who slew the white dragon Bailong. Bailong now loyally serves Helana but given the chance he would love to settle the score with Garet.


Garet Darkhorse

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