Alignment NG
Qualities Insular, Strategic Location
Population 186 (76% human, 14% half-elf, 5% half-orc, 5% other)

Notable NPCs

  • Mayor Lord Terrion Numesti (NG male human fighter 6/rogue 3)
  • High Priestess Gar Dunderson (CG male half-orc cleric of Erastil 5)
  • Captain of the Guard Michaels Cornwallas (NG male human fighter 5)
  • Owner of the Velvet Corner Satinder Morne (CG female Cleric of Calistria 7)

Once known as the city of Drelev, named after the Baron Hannis Drelev. The Baron Drelev founded this settlement in 4712AR on the 1st of Calistril on one of the charters issued by the Sword Lords of Restov. This was the harshest of the three charters issued. The purpose of this charter was to pacify a land hounded by boggards, tiger lord barbarians, and vessket lizardmen so that trade could flourish. An additional source of friction was the proximity to Pitax and the political machinations of its king.
Baron Drelev was chosen for this lead this expedition for his military skill and diplomatic tongue. And for nearly three years he was successful. It was only until the unification of the tiger lord barbarian tribes under a warlord Armag, that Drelev struggled. The King of Pitax negotiated a truce between Drelev and the barbarians, in exchange for increased influence over the fledgling kingdom.

Fearing that he would eventually loose his kingdom to “annexation” by Pitax, Baron Drelev refocused the ire of the barbarians against the neighboring cities and kingdoms. His ploy was to take over the frontier city of Tatzlford (now Vanderford) and eventually rally against Dun Malta to increase his holdings. This would give him the power to throw off the influence of Pitax.

The plan was intercepted by the rulers of Dun Malta, who then thwarted the attack on Tatzlford. They then rendering aid to the war torn city and proceeded to marched straight to the front gates of Fort Drelev. Upon entering Fort Delev, Baron Mitchel Von Baker proclaimed the city forfeit because of Baron Drelev’s act of war against Dun Malta and renamed the city Voracha. This was welcome news to the citizens of the Kingdom of Drelev, as they had become more and more oppressed by their floundering ruler.

In the coming weeks the rulers waged a guerrilla war against the Baron Drelev eventually slaying him and making the city part of Dun Malta.

  • Drelev Keep: This large stone and wood structure once the home of Baron Drelev, his family, and his allies.
  • Bellweather’s Soup n’ Kettle: This tavern and eatery is one of the only busy establishments in town. Asaia Bellweather and her four children provide these meals anyway, fearing reprisals should they do otherwise.
  • The Velvet Corner: This is Fort Drelev’s gambling hall and brothel, a site owned and run by a priestess of Calistria named Satinder Morne. She does brisk business these days, but an increasing amount of her time is spent making sure her rowdy customers don’t cause too much damage to her equipment or hurt her employees. Satinder Morne is a good friend to the Leaders of Dun Malta, though she downplays this to minimize her aura of respectability in front of her vagrant costomers.
  • Iron Steeple Inn: Voracha’s largest inn it is guilded in dark iron enchanted to resist rust.
  • The Rat’s Shrine: Once a small stone shrine dedicated to Hanspur, the god of rivers and river travel.
  • Secret Escape Tunnel: A DC 30 Perception check reveals a hidden door at the base of this 30-foot-high bluff.
  • Sutton’s Stables & Smithy: Gask Sutton’s horses are some of the finest in the stolen land though he leaves their tending to his wife. Gask himself spends his days toiling at building weapons and armor, many of which ship to Pitax.
  • Temple of Erastil: This large stone building is build from white marble. Outside it a fairly normal cathedral. Its interior forms a majestic forest, with pillars of white tree trunks. And its ceiling is a tree canopy filled with birds and small animals.


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