Ventura, Capital One


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The city of Capitol One Ventura was founded in 4712AR on the 17h of Calistril, in the fledgling nation of Dun Malta under the rule of Baron Mitchel Von Baker. The city has acquired some small fame due the foundation of the Fochlucan Academy which aside from its conventional magical learning is known for its specialty in the arcana of music. The Academy is the reason for the cities diverse mix of local “townies” and scholars that hail from abroad. The headmaster of the Academy and country’s Head Magister, Schmidtaki Juicedice, is known for steering the Academy’s approach to magical study towards the practical if not more militaristic ends. This in of itself would not be strange if not for the complete lack of any military development. Indeed Capitol One Venture is almost completely defenseless. This small nation plagued by bandits, set in a remote wilderness, and beset upon on all sides by all manner of beast relies solely on the strength of the country’s top leaders to maintain order. This has lead to the development of a common joke among residents to call the local librarians their, “town guards”.

The Academy is not the city’s sole attraction with its more recent construction of Soldier Field. The arena is dedicated to the countless soldiers, of countless countries that have attempted, struggled valiantly, and failed to tame the fierce Stolen Lands. The stadium hosts regular concerts, summoner’s duels, a strange local game called Foot Ball, as well as other more conventional coliseum battles. The head of Dun Matla’s Military Intelligence, Aramis de Fortunas, often frequents the more brutal events. After which he can often be heard in the local tavern Otto’s courting women to the tune of, “A secret agent! That’s what I am! And I shouldn’t even be saying that. But you have a certain… something about you that I find… appealing.” Stranger still is the fact that Otto’s tavern is both the largest fiscal draw and the sight of all of the city’s most important financial transactions. Much to the dismay of the country’s Treasurer, Chet Mannly, who is entirely too fastidiously clean a dwarf to tolerate the local bar for longer than he absolutely has to.

The last important structure, if it can be called that, to note is the former Keep of the Stag Lord. Long thought of as an eyesore on the city by its residents, it leads the community to speculate as to why it has not been either demolished or repurposed. Some believe that the leaders of the find city have grand plans for the structure and are simply planning the various details of the project. Some of the more unusual musings are linked to the Head Magister. This is thanks to his taking trophy of and wearing of the same antler clad helm that the cruel Stag Lord once did. Some people even believe that they are in fact one and the same. Little has come of these rumors and few if any take them seriously.

Current State

As of 4716AR the City of Capital One Ventura has become a rising star in the Stolen Lands. The city’s structure reflects a strong bend towards cultural cultural and magical interests that attracts adventurers, scholars, and traders. This puts it on level footing the other river kingdoms. Its quick rise in status has not come with out price. The questionable trading in its lively markets and boom in bawdy houses has forced the city to significantly increase the investment in city guards. All and all Dun Malta’s future is brightly lit by its crow jewel, Capitol One Ventura.

Ventura, Capital One

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