Alasen Kot


Were-Tiger Rogue 11 Duelist 3

Notable Strategies

General Kot prefers to stalk her prey, the use pounce to carve her unsuspecting enemy to shreds. If there is anything left she grapples them to claw them to pieces.

Notable Abilities

Were Tiger
Rake, Pounce, Grab

Improved Grapple, Greater Grapple, Rapid Grappler

Rogue Talent: Weapon Training, Combat Training, Slow Reactions, Suprise Attack

Notable Items

Belt of the Weasel
Gloves of arrow snaring
Cap of the Free Thinker
Aegis of recovery
Cloak of Fangs
Seducers Bane Shirt
Ring of Invisibility
Permenent Magic Fang +3
MWK Dagger

Known Languages
Common, Terrain

Role / Background
Alasen Kot has frequently switched switched between the roles of spy master and royal assassin. She is nearly insane and loves the feeling of flesh shredding under her touch.


Alasen Kot

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