Vyers Diary Entry #11657

Dear Diary,

It’s been a couple weeks since I first got into Dun Malta, and boy has it been a rollercoaster of a time. We met the King of Dun Malta (who was super nice), found this sweet sword, and soon after a weird black orb, which Soren tells me is magic, but I think is about as magic as a future telling 8-ball. Last week, we found a couple of crazy characters flying around Capital One Ventura messing stuff up. One of them was named Dodoria, and went into this fifteen minute long tirade about how she was the most attractive and fertile woman on her planet..a planet I hope never to have to go to.

Soren unfortunately died during the battle with her by the hands of someone named Vegeta. We saw him at the beginning of the battle, but he left to go “charge”, whatever that means, although he did pop back a few minutes later with shiny blonde hair! We were hoping to be able to talk with him and recruit him to the Pathfinder Society, but it seems he had other things he wanted to do, namely turn Soren into a pile of ash :c I did remember to pick up all of his items and gear this time though unlike last time (but in my defense, magic is complicated and I thought that all his gear would poof back onto him when he got resurrected.) Luckily we have the money to bring him back to life pretty soon so I can get back to the Acadamini without having to beg for Plane Shifts from Kreighton Shane. He’s been busy lately with setting up the new Lodge, so I don’t blame him for not having time for me.

There’s good news though, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking around the city, taking in all the sights and sounds, and making tons of new friends, now that Soren isn’t around to drive them off with his..well, you know how he is. I put together a little picture album too, so future me can look back and remember the fond memories.

Here I am walking through the streets of Capital One Ventura :3 I was in a pretty good mood today, and wanted to give everyone hugs!

On one of the days I couldn’t get back to the Acadamini, I thought I’d stop buy at the local tavern and get a room for the evening. They kept saying I was too big to fit in one of their rooms, but they just didn’t know how flexible I was :D Turns out they were right… :c

This is my favorite place in the whooooole city! They’ve got cookies and donuts and cakes and pies and brownies and…drools

Speaking of Dun Malta, with Soren dead, I’ve had some time to look around the area a bit more, particularly in the wooded areas, and I came across an old ruin with a spiral drawing carved into the floor. Along the spiral were runes carved out in an ancient tongue of Druidic, and depictions of a menagerie of fantastical creatures, getting weirder and weirder as the spiral continued. Based on the initial investigation at least, it seems Dun Malta may have been the birthplace of a kind of “Formless Druid” (name copyrighted by Vyers), one with the ability to change shape into more than just animals. From the pictures, it seems they could become undead, or constructs, or even more impressive, improved versions of the creatures themselves. Or you know, I could be wrong. Ancient Druidic is hard to read, even for me. If I could become a better octopus though, I would want to be a Dread Bread Devourer Octopus and eat delicious pastries with more gusto than I already do. :D

I’ll keep poking around when I get a break from my busy sleeping schedule, and the King of Dun Malta is a Druid too, so maybe he’s better at reading the old tongue than I am.

Till next time,


(The location that Vyers has described is about 5 miles out side of Capitol One Ventura, to the West. The site is similar to Stonehenge but way smaller. A dozen of large stones, arranged in overlapping circles. Only one of the stones still stands. The rest are either broken or knocked over. Indeed the neolithic style pictographs that cover the stones do depict druids changing into various forms. A druid that spends a day or two of study the site is able to piece together enough information to learn about the feats Planar Wid Shape, Dragon WIld Shape, and Primeval Wild Shape. The druid must still use their own feats slots to gain access to these abilities).



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