Vistretta and Galano - The Search Continues - L1

Everyone else is writing something on something, Rainfall and Schmiditaki are over there writing novellas so I’m going to write on this giant oak leaf!

I found a rock today with some chalk under it, I believe this is the next big key to finding Vistretta and Galano. My party is of sound mind, except Chet who apparently likes to clean a lot. He’s become a successful soapsmither and healer, although I wish he’d taken up cooking, so hungry and confused…oh! Well Aramis can’t be touched, people fall down around Rainfall a lot, and

Flips Leaf

Schmiditaki has a knack for decapitation, I like it all! I will miss Geronimo II, he’s was a solid trooper, his help towards finding Vistretta’s links to the lousy heroine will not be forgotten, hence why my new piccolo has him inscribed on it in vivid detail. Anyway, about my friends, I do believe they will help me find Vistretta and Galano…in time. I welcome my new companion Geronimo III, he seems strong and capable!


Now where did you put that rock? I can’t find it


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