Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4713

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4713


This month we decided to remove funds from the coffers of Dun Malta to better equip its council members (10 BP). This was done that they could better serve their people. However the opinion of the public did not follow this logic (Totally failed the roll). This was the start of a series of unfortunate events.

It began with riots in the street. The rest of the month was plagued by looting and various bandit activity. It finally ended with us loosing control of the territories known as the Thorn River Ford to a group of bandits lead by a man known as Kestrel hood.

Earlier in the month we while making our way back from Otto’s and were attack by a vicious pack of wolves led by a fierce werewolf. Fortunately none of us were cursed by the beast but the event has left us wondering about the safety of our city. We have no city guards to handle rioters, bandits, or monsters. All of this falls to us. We must address this venerability.


This months focus was restoring the order. To that end we concentrated on the infrastructure of our city. Addressing first the gaping eyesore that was the Stag Lord’s fort. We modified and built a castle from the old fort.

Next realizing that we had nothing invested in the defense of our city we built an Office of the City Guard to serve our new city guard.

Last we build another house.

The castle was a special success, masterfully done (Event: Outstanding success).

Schmidtaki Juicedice steps down and appoints Tonto de Negro as the new Magister and headmaster of the Fochlucan Acadamy.


In an effort to quell the previous unrest a barraks, a jail, and a house were built.


Growing tired of the tedium of kingdom building we venture out into the wilderness to explore. When we returned a rabble rouser has entered town much to our dismey.



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