Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4712

Summary of the Dun Malta Council Minutes for the Year of 4712


It is the wisdom of Baron Mitchel Von Baker of Dun Malta, that its ruling council be available to from the 12th to the 18th of each month to address the duties of their royal posts. So it shall be done for the greater good of the people of Dun Malta.

The Royal Council of Dun Malta was established and its various posts were filled.

Promotions, Taxation, and Festivals were put into effect for the benifit of Dun Malta and her citizenry.

The city of Capitol One Ventura was founded.

In this month we broke ground and founded the Fochlucan Academy nearly bankrupting our country in the process. This is a bold, taken at the urging of Aramis de Fortunas and Schmidtaki Juicedice. Indeed we all hope that it will pay off.


The saying, “If you build it they will come” is to true. We had not even finished the Academy before the pupils began to arrive. The incoming pupils were so eager to begin their studies that many picked up hammers to help us finish construction.

The Academy enrollment began to refilled the coffers that were emptied by its construction.


Food spoilage, poor planning, and spring rains turning the roads to impassable mud caused a food shortage in our town. Doing what we could to address these issues we began building roads and farms.


This month we build more farms and expanded the range of our noble fiefdom.

A Otto’s tavern has been built.


Again we expanded the range of our kingdom and seeded new farms.

We were blessed by the presence of a pair of famous musicians by the names of Bono and Slash. Bono and Slash were drawn to the endeavors of our fledgling nation and it people as we valiantly try to carve a nation out of the wilderness. Their visit brought many visitors to a benefit concert that they played in our name.


We expanded our kingdom, developed more farm land, and laid down another expansion to our road ways. All of it to the north.

This month Big Bird’s Aviary as well as Houses were built to help our capitol grow.


Roads were laid to the north.

Farms were developed to the north.

Oleg’s Trading Post was officially made part of our territory.

Scandal rocked our city as Aramis’ womanizing got a bit out of control during a fairly incredible bender. While pitchforks were not raised against us the unrest of the citizenry was palpably increased (+2 Unrest).


Roads were laid to the north.

Farms were developed to the north.

A trade road was completed to Oleg’s Trading Post this will be an important and very lucrative trade route for our country.

This month we founded a library focused on arcane and musical arts, next to the Academy.

A famous explorer and trapper by the name of Bear Grills came to the opening of our library. His fame turned this seemingly minor event into a great celebration that brought much fame and wealth into our city.


Our territories were expanded to include the moon radish fields that we had found in our adventures.

Roads were laid to the moon radish fields.

We finished construction of a Colosseum that we dedicated to all the peoples and soldiers that have fallen to the Stolen Lands. We named the Colosseum Solider Feild.

Our council was visited by our Fey friends Perlvash and Tyg-Titter-Tug. They expressed their concern at our expanding kingdom. They understand and appreciate what it takes to grow a kingdom but wish for us to keep our roads through the forests to a minimum and to respect the sacred sights within it.

Lastly we were visited by the Chief Sootscale of the Sootscale kobold tribe. They have also taken note of our expanding kingdom. Through numerous treaties negotiated mainly by Laura Mennal Lebeda, we have not only maintained good relations with the kobolds but both of our communities have flourished. They have officially submit themselves as vassals of Dun Malta. The Sootscales and all kobolds have been granted full standing in the kingdom of Dun Malta.

Farms were developed to the South of Oleg’s Trading Post.

We built a road to home of our new vassals the Sootscale tribe.

A second library was build. It is both next to the Academy and the first library. This library is dedicated to Birds and War. Late on the last night of its completion much of the ruling council was present in the library hammering the last nails and stocking the last of its books. It was at this time that we were attacked by many evil fey. Gremlins. They did serious damage to the building in an attempt to have it collapse on top of us.


This month was one of serious growth for our kingdom and city.

A house, a smith, and a weaver were built in this month.

Our territories were expanded into the area we know as the Thorn River Camp we now rename The Thorn River Ford.

Farm land was leased out to a group of eager farmers.

Roads were built to the Thorn River Ford.

Thanks to the efforts of Oleg and Laura we were able to arrange for a famous gladiator by the name of Russel the Crow to fight at Solider Field. This brought us great prestige and wealth.



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