Raining Journal 31/01/4712

31th of Abadius, 4712AR

Today my tent was weighed down by three inches of fresh snow, the weight of it was causing the poles to bow. We broke camp quickly because of the snow, eating on the go. Mitchel mouth full was, roll in one hand and compass in the other pointed and grunted. With that we were off.

It snowed fairly hard clear into the afternoon. Mitchel snacking all the way, “Snow makes me hungry. I like to have a beer with my beer. It’s like desert.” Despite the snow we trudged on. An hour before dust, Mitchel pulled out the map and his various navigational instruments but he seemed confused. Again and again he played with the astrolabe, checked his compass, and rotated the map this way and that. Eventually and reluctantly, Mitchel admitted to us that the heading we had been on all day was taking us more or less straight back to Oleg’s. In fact we were only a few hours away, we decided to press on to make it back.




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