Raining Journal 25/01/4712

25th of Abadius, 4712AR

This morning we woke to a Chet angrily not talking to Schmidtaki, who was unable to stop laughing. Once he calmed down Schmidtaki explained what happened last night.

When the rest of us were asleep the tree to the West and the South reappeared, so he went and woke up Chet. When they both went to look the trees are they were gone. So Chet went back to sleep, the moment he had gone to sleep the trees returned. So he woke him again and again the trees were gone. So this time Chet decided to stay awake with Schmidtaki. The rest of the night was peaceful and quiet. As the sun rose, Schmidtaki thought it would be a good idea to wash his hands before breakfast. Apparently he had thought it would be funny to snatch it up while Chet had the bear trap on his arm! With Chet glaring at him, Schmidtaki put down the soap and said, “What, do you want to wash up before breakfast?” Chet walked up kicked the bucket and angrily took his soap back.

After we ate we continued going west. Fresh snow covered everything as we made our way through the forest. After two hours we found our way back to our own camp site, again. This time however we were pretty confident that this was in fact the place we stayed last night. Much to our relief Mitchel pointed to a number of marks that he made during our travel. We had just ended up accidentally doubling back on our own.

At around noon we ended up finding a terrible sight. A man froze in place trapped under a log. He was setting up a dead fall trap for hunting when the log fell unexpectedly. Laying on his back, his dead body’s outstretched arm reaching for a hatchet stuck in the stump of a tree a few feet from him.

The rest of the day was relatively thankfully not stressful, but then sun began to set and we could hear wolves in the distance. As we started to make camp for the night we ended up being attacked by a group of six wolves. Working together we were able to fight them off without being overwhelmed. At the end of the fight we looked at each other and realized that we were indeed becoming better at this exploration thing. (DING, this just put us at level 3.)




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