Raining Journal 21/01/4712

21th of Abadius, 4712AR

Today we crossed the broad open plains east of Oleg’s Trading Post. There we found Bokken’s Hut. Again Schmidtaki’s strange sense of humor nearly got us into trouble. When Bokken asked who was at his door Schidtaki cheerfully replied, “Bandits!” After a long awkward pause Schmidtaki continued, " Na, just kidding. Now let us in." It took some convincing but Bokken finally let us in to trade.

While shopping for potions, the topic of fang berry bushes was brought up. This started a long discussion on the," horticultural rarities native to the stolen lands." While Mitchel and Bokken went on and on about plants the rest of us were nearly bored to sleep. Schmidtaki snapped out of it when he saw Mitchel exchange the fang berry plant for a 25% discount on potions for the rest of the month. Schmidtaki immediately started trying to negotiate for two or three months instead. Later when Bokken said he would be interested in getting three more bushes, Schmidtaki’s bargaining became even more bold. Eventually Bokken started ignoring Schmidtaki, after which he talked only to Mitchel. He told Mitchel that because of all the good work we were doing with the bandits, that he had a special potion he would give us in exchange for three larger fang berry bushes.

Schmidtaki seemed a little offended at being ignored and began to sneak and sulk about the shop. He seemed very interested in Bokken’s laboratory. I am not sure how he got on the topic but Bokken started talking about his older brother. Bokken spits as he did so, bitterly holding up his right hand and indicating his missing pinky finger: “Bastard cut that offa me the last time he hit my mother, Desna rest her soul. But he took off right after to live in a hollow tree down south rather than face the guards, so I guess it all worked out well enough.” Bokken decided to become a hermit a few years after his brother (whose name, like many other details of his childhood, he can’t quite recall due to senility) left home and their parents passed away. He had toyed with the idea of tracking his bully of a brother down and getting revenge, but the wildlife in the Greenbelt was too frightening and dangerous, so instead he settled down not far from the edge of Rostland to live the rest of his life in nature.

We then left the hut to finish exploring the country side returning just as the sun set to camp there for the night. While riding back I watched a look of recollection cross Schmidtaki’s face, he rummaged through his pack and pulled out five vials of various colors. I hadn’t seen those potions before and don’t remember where he got them from so I asked.

“Where did you get those from?” (Sense motive roll natural 1)
Schmidtaki, “Don’t worry about it.” (Bluff roll 2)

While camping we ended up hearing something messing with our horses. There we found half a dozen tiny, blue, bulging eyed, humanoids. We fought them off quickly, Mitchel landing an impressive shot that impaled one of them on the run. The arrow went through its shoulder, then its upper leg, finally passing through his foot leaving the little creature in a permanent running pose (rolled a natural 20 out side of the first range increment!).




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