Raining Journal 20/01/4712

20th of Abadius, 4712AR

This morning we revived our first order that we made through Oleg. Schmidtaki still quite amused with his antic last night asked Oleg, “How was you night? Sleep well?” He was quite angry at him, but considering the good we are doing and our good nature he couldn’t help but smile.

We ended up trading the goods we acquire, the elks, and collecting on the Tuskgutter bounty. After all the trading was done we placed an order for various goods that Oleg didn’t have on hand. He also told us he gets the majority of his potions from crazy old coot named Bokken who lives in a hut to the East.

Order to arrive 27/01/12

  • MWK Fiddle (forest and fey motif)
  • MWK Chicken (i.e. of good breed)
  • Signal Whistle
  • Bell
  • Dwarven War Ax
  • MWK Artisan Tools
  • MWK Thieves Tools

Later we actually ended up talking to us the cleric Jhod Kavken. He is a priest of Erastil and he has been wanting to talk to us since when he arrived on the 9th. He explained that he heard of the exploration charter and came to Oleg’s to offer his help. He has been researching a lost temple of Erastil, and has recently had a vision of it. In his vision he says he sees an large angry bear guarding the temple and that the bear isn’t quite “right” about the bear. The temple is lost, forgotten, and overgrown by forest.

Jhod pledges that if we discover the temple’s site and put the tortured bear to rest and escort him to the temple, he will provide use with an and all spell casting that he is capable of free of charge for life.

We set out to meet Bokken for additional potions but decided to explore the area along the way.




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