Raining Journal 19/01/4712

19th of Abadius, 4712AR

As our order should have arrived yesterday we decided to make our way back to Oleg’s as quickly as possible. Hard all day we hardly stopped for anything. As the sun started to set we found a pair of large elk fighting over a female elk. We must have gotten too close because they soon turned their attention to us. The fought feverishly and we were forced to kill them. The female elk left shortly after. We were close enough to Oleg’s that we could bring the elk, meat and all with for trading.

As we neared Oleg’s I added the skulls of the bandits we gathered to the skull post. Later we arrived well after sun set and were let in by the guards. Schmidtaki though it would be funny to kick in Oleg’s bedroom door, to get him to trade in the middle of the night. If that wasn’t enough he started hitting on Svetlana. He did not receive a warm welcome.

The cleric Jhod Kavken was still there and very eager to talk to us but he was brushed off by everyone because we were all way to eager sleep. Again.




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