Raining Journal 18/01/4712

18th of Abadius, 4712AR

That morning we packed up Tuskgutter and started making our way north. We stopped to eat at around noon. After wards I packed up our things while Mitchel and Schmidtaki ended up making snowmen and dressing them up in the bandits cloths. As if on cue real bandits arrived, six of them.

The bandits made the mistake of trying to take us head on. Working as a team we quickly took out the bandits one at a time. The last of them tried to run, but we ended up capturing him alive.

Schimdtaki tried carefully to keep Mitchel out of the interrogation process. But since we were out in the middle of nowhere it was difficult to keep them apart. Inevitably and quicker than usual the conversation degraded into Mitchel shouting at the top of his lungs, " What do you know about lousy heroin! Where is Vistretta ? Are you working Gallano? I am looking for a man named Cumming! Tell us about Fort Cutaway View and Lake Water!" And then there it was am moment of clarity in Mitchel’s addled brain.

Mitchel asked the bandit, “What is your name?”
Bandit, " Uh, Dave Michelson."
Mitchel, “Wait, that is a terrible name. Its like having two first names. Might as well call you Dave David Davidson. Seriously.”
“You know what, I am done with this nonsense.” Mitchel then callously turned his head away and put an arrow into the Dave Michelson’s head. Killing hims instantly
Schmidtaki," Damn it Michel, I wasn’t done questioning the witness. I wanted to get the rest of that pass phrase that they use at Fort Cuttaway Veiw! That’s it, your off the case." Schmidtaki then put an arrow squarely into Mitchel’s foot. Their argument was over as fast as it had begun and we were all laugh as Mitchel hobbled about.

I gathered up the heads of the bandits for the skull post and moved on.

That night we camped and the night wasn’t too cold. Looking into the fire, writing this, I am wondering how much longer I am going to collect heads. Its important to bring the rule of law here, but at what cost. How gruesome do we have to be.




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