Raining Journal 17/01/4712

17th of Abadius, 4712AR

I woke up to hear Chet yelling," Where is it? Where is my whistle? Oh no, they didn’t take my bell did they? Those little bastards!" The little bug men stole some of Chet’s least important items and that is all he could talk about this morning. It was actually quite funny. Just after eating he seemed to have some sort of break down. Chet dropped to his knees and started yelling at the top of his lungs," WHY, WHY WHY, WHY THE BELL! THE WHISTLE I GET, BUT WHY THE BELL! FINE, WHATEVER! THE MUSIC WAS GOOD, HERE IS A TIP! JUST PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY WHISTLE!" He set down a stack of coins and tried to gather himself. I still do not know what significance these items held for Chet, but between him and Mitchel we have two crazy dwarves in our group.

Since our order would be arriving at Oleg’s soon we decided to head back North. Soon we found ourselves on the trail of a very large boar. Remembering the bounty place on legendary Tuskgutter we decided to try and find the beast’s lair. We found it and approached the litter strewn entrance cautiously, only to find he wasn’t there. Mitchell set up one of our bear traps in the entrance then covered it in dirt, leaves, and a pint of lamp oil.

We split up to hide all around the area around the burrow and waited, hours later the boar returned. He angrily sniffed the ground where we had approached from and walked towards its den. He stood over the trap sniffing it and shuffling around it but would not enter. Finally Schmidtaki called out an attack in Terran.

Getting the drop on the beast we were able to surround it quickly. Tuskgutter took a fierce interest in Chet, goring him furiously. Tuskgutter squealed in pain as we took turns attacking him. We made short work of the animal and it beat a hasty retreat. Schmidtaki stabbed his sword into the ground, taking his bow, and let loose a single arrow. He was disappointed with his shot the moment the arrow left his bow, as it just barely managed to nick the boar’s side. Fortunately it was just enough. The boar crashed to the ground, sliding forward completely dead.

That night we camped by Tuskgutters den and again it grew terribly cold once the sun set.




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